Interview with Whyrhd from Lunar Aurora

Posted on April 21, 2014


As all Lunar Aurora fans may know the band where on hiatus from 2006 until 2011 and later on released their last album Hoagascht in 2012, only to split up shortly after.
This came as a surprise for many fans like myself, but I think the band ended it all at the right time when they where on top.

I got the chance to sit down and talk to one of the founding members, Whyrhd, and got to ask some questions regarding the bands career and also on the upcoming re-releases of the three much awaited classic albums “Of Stargates and Bloodstained Celestial Spheres”, “Ars Moriendi” and “Elixir Of Sorrow”.

Hope you all enjoy it :)




1. Lunar Aurora – Where did that name came from when you and Aran formed the band?
Can you tell us about the meaning behind it and its relation to the bands vision/music?

Well, Lunar Aurora literally means halo around the moon. As far as I remember, Aran came up with that term which he found in an old English dictionary. We wanted something connected to the moon, as we have been very fascinated and interested in the moon’s power, magic and atmosphere. It fits perfectly, because we wanted our band to be far more spiritual than anyone else did before, leaving behind all that typical satanic or war-related themes which bored us to death back then already.


2. I have heard that at some point in Lunar Auroras career you all changed your main instrumental duties, is that true? And if its true, can you tell us why?

Yeah, this was around autumn 2000, because Bernhard, the guy who handled the drums on …of stargates… and Ars Moriendi moved to a different town and was not able to go on with us. You have to know that in our region only very few people were into Black Metal, so we lacked again of a drummer. Since Aran was motivated to play the drums, he just started with that. Then I took over guitar duties and shared the bass guitar with Aran. After some difficulties in the beginning, this went quite fine. Somewhen Sindar also started playing bass guitar and did quite fine, so he took over there.


3. Another true or false question.. I have also come over the information that the albums released in 2004, Elixir Of Sorrow and Zyklus, where in fact written and recorded much earlier?
Why is that? And which one did you actually wrote/finished recording first?

Yes that is true. We started writing the songs for Elixir Of Sorrow in autumn 2000 and recorded that album in late summer 2001. Afterwards we started to write the Zyklus album and recorded that one in summer/autumn 2002. Elixir Of Sorrow originally should have been released by our former label Ars Metalli, but that label broke down and we had to afford the studio costs ourselves which took quite a while. In the meanwhile we got Profanatitas as a drummer and wrote and recorded A Haudiga Fluag, the songs for the split LP with Paysage D’Hiver, which was released by Eternity Records in 2004. Somewhere in 2003 we signed a contract with The Oath from Italy, who should release Elixir Of Sorrow and Zyklus. Elixir has been delayed and delayed and delayed, so at some point I was so pissed concerning the label issue that I decided to raise Cold Dimensions and release Zyklus myself. Which I did and which went by far better than I ever expected.whyrhd2

4. You guys split up in around 2006 and made a return in 2011. In 2012 your latest effort “Hoagascht” was released and shortly after that you split up again.
I know you posted some info about it and explained in small detail why, but did you ever felt that way when you brought back Lunar Aurora in 2011 or did it just came suddenly?
I think many fans who heard of your comeback was a bit disappointed to finally got the band back, and soon after hear about a new split up.

Well, actually we never split up in the end of 2006, we just decided to put Lunar Aurora on ice for a while. This time has been quite exhausting for Aran as he wrote and arranged the whole Andacht album nearly by himself and put lots of energy in the band in 2006. I retired as an active member in the beginning of that year to concentrate on Cold Dimensions. So our idea was that I build up the label and Aran goes on with the new members bringing the band forward, especially with playing live.

Things turned not out as expected due to personal issues of the other members on the one hand, on the other hand Cold Dimensions really started to gain ground. So Aran needed that break, but is has always been clear that we would go on and that I would return. Actually the break did not take as long as it seemed, because we already started to write material in 2007/2008. Due to the fact that Aran moved to different cities from 2008 until 2010 and I attended university again, the stuff we did was not focused on finishing an album. We eventually started to write songs for Hoagascht in autumn 2010 and finished in it in September 2011.

Afterwards we were thinking about how to go on and we then decided for the reasons we mentioned on the website that we will do one last album which should have been called “The Black Carriage”. Aran already started to create the sounds and so on. But somehow we had started to drift apart somewhere in the past and did not get along as good as we did, so in autumn 2012 we agreed that Hoagascht is a perfect last album already and we would lay the band to rest. I have to state here that we did not have a fight being worth to mention or anything else, we just realised that it was time for us to split and follow our own ways.


5. Do you think the world can see Lunar Aurora arise once again sometime in the future, or is this really the end?

There will definitely never be a reunion of Lunar Aurora. We are people who move forward, not backward. Lunar Aurora was a great band, and we had a great time being in that band, but this is past now. It does not make sence to cling to something that does not exists anymore.


6. Back to the album Zyklus.. Its a very beautiful album with a really interesting concept, could you tell us more about it, where the idea for it came and just a little about the recording session?

When thinking about how we wanted to create this next album back then, it came to our minds that it was interesting to do a concept album focussing on the fact that lots of things in our universe run in cycles, so that is it, about cycles.
Zyklus was the first recording we did completely by ourselves, recording and mixing. We taped the drums in our rehearsal room and all the other stuff in Aran’s and Sindar’s basement. For a first attempt, it turned out quite cool.


7. Its been coming for a while, and now in April 2014 you are finally re-releasing the albums “Of Stargates and Bloodstained Celestial Spheres”, “Ars Moriendi”(with additional guitar) and “Elixir Of Sorrow”.
And ever since I discovered this band those three albums has been really hard to find, or demanded outrageous prices on the second hand market so this is a very welcomed re-release for me.
But why did you decide after your split that you would re-release these albums now and not earlier in your career?

We have planned that since ages, but somehow there have always been issues of higher importance. The reason why these albums ran out of stock is that the labels which released them, ceased to exist. We get requests concerning that albums all the time and since the prices are quite high on the second hand market, we decided to rerelease them properly now.of_stargates_coverelixir_of_sorrow_cover

8. This re-release of Ars Moriendi is the one with the additional guitar added in, but you also told me that there might be a re-release of the original Ars Moriendi and an unreleased 1st version of it.
Now I have to ask what this 1st version is and when do you think it will see the light of day?
And will your two demos “A Wandering Winterdream Beneath the Cold Moon” and “Auf dunklen Schwingen” ever be re-released for the die hard fans?

The very first version of Ars Moriendi has never been released. We did a new mix, the one released by Ars Metalli in 2000, shortly after we returned from the studio, because the first one did not turn out how it should in our minds. Now, after all the years when working on the rerelease of Ars Moriendi, I listened to it again and found it quite interesting. Probably I will make it available as a special release one day. The same goes for the demos.ars_moriendi_cover


9. Which Lunar Aurora album is your favorite, or the one you are most proud of?
Is there an album you dont like?

Well, basically I am kind of proud of every Lunar Aurora release. I say kind of proud, because pride is a feeling I am not very familiar with. I am more of a modest person, that’s the reason why. I love what we did and how we did it. It means very much to me personally. There is not an album I don’t like, probably just some riffs or melodies we should better have dropped and created better ones instead, but who is perfect….


10. And last but not least, is there anything you would like to say to all the fans around the world?

I am very thankful concerning all the support we got from our fans. Without their support we never would have been able to do what we did: recording in professional studios, releasing professionally done albums, playing concerts, doing interviews and so on. Of course we would have created music anyway, but we would never have gotten out of our rehearsal room, doing releases worldwide. That is due to the fans. So, as long as people are interested in Lunar Aurora, I will be there, caring for its legacy.

A huge thank you Whyrhd for taking your time and answering these questions :)



All pictures is used with permission from its copyright owner Lunar Aurora.