Interview with Derek Davis from Babylon A.D.

Posted on January 13, 2015


Hi everyone!

I got an opportunity to talk a little with Derek Davis, singer and frontman for the band Babylon A.D. and ask him some questions, so I hope you all enjoy this little interview.

Btw, I’m not a huge Glam Metal/Sleaze rock fan so all you out there excuse me if some of the questions have come up before in previous interviews with the band.bad_promo_2013_white_bg-796x1024


1. Could you tell us a little about the recording session of your first and self titled album, Babylon A.D. and what the album means to you today?

Derek Davis:
Making the first album was a very exciting time for us. We were very green and it took a while, almost five months to make. Simon Hanhart was a great producer and had a lot of patience with us. We really partied a lot back then. About half way through the recordings, the record co sat us down with our management and Simon and laid the law down on us. Basically cutting all our drinking in the studio and such till we finished the record. The album came out great and we are all still very satisfied with the outcome and what it led to in our

2. What was your vision for this band, and do you think it has been fullfilled like you wanted it over the years?

Derek Davis:
The vision of the band has always remained the same. Probably because we come from the S.F. Bay Area and grew up in the same neighborhoods. Our main motto has always been “Boozin, Bruisin, Balling, and Brawlin, We grew up like that and believe it comes through in our music. And yes we are very fulfilled in what we have accomplished so far. But we still want MORE!

3. Which bands/musicians have been the biggest influence for Babylon A.D. and yourself personally as a singer/frontman?

Derek Davis:
Early Aerosmith, U.F.O, Montrose, AC/DC. For me it’s James Brown, Steven Tyler, the Beatles and Stones.

4. The song “The Kid Goes Wild” was featured in the movie Robocop 2 and you guys even had a music video for the song featuring Robocop and other cast from the film.
How did all this happen? Did you specifically write and record this song for the purpose of the movie, or did the people behind Robocop 2 just stumbled on it and wanted to use it for their film?

Derek Davis:
We did not write the song for the movie, Orion Pictures heard it and approached us about using it. Originally on the album Sam Kinnison is featured in the break down madness, but they took him out because he was swearing! “Really? No,not Sam cussing again.. And I heard Robo Cop can kick Batmans ass. I

5. Both the band Babylon A.D. and your first album is considered by many people as greatly underrated, and I’m having a hard time finding many people who don’t like your sound.
What is your opinion in all this and how has it affected the band?

Derek Davis:
I think its great that people like our sound, I just believe if we would have come out a couple years earlier maybe 87 or 88 we could have been much bigger. There were a lot of rock bands that came out all at the same time and saturated the market right before Nirvana came out and killed the scene.

6. Obviously the band got kinda pushed aside when your first album came out, since other bands in the same genre like Mötley Crüe and Cinderella had risen to huge fame.
It this something that affected your vision for the band or its future?
Is it something that bothered you back then and if so, does it still bother you?

Derek Davis:
Like I said we missed the boat by a couple years. So huge fame might have been nice but I love my life like it is.
The bands future vision is the same, keep rocking and always have a good time. No regrets about

7. If you where to compare Babylon A.D. (the album) with your other efforts such as Nothing Sacred and American Blitzkrieg.. which album are you the most proud of today and why?
If you where to introduce someone who have never heard of you before, which album do you think would be ideal for them to listen to first?

Derek Davis:
The first one, but I do like “American Blitzkrieg” alot “Nothing Sacred” has some very cool songs to. We did that one with Tom Werman and that was a blast. He’s a very funny dude. And I am really proud of everything we have done.Derek Live firefest

8. You guys just recently reformed in 2013 and released a new EP and now you are working on recording a live album of some sort. How is all that going?
Can we expect a new live album soon or maybe even have high hopes for a live DVD?

Derek Davis:
We have several dates coming up namely the “MOR Cruise”. We just played Firefest in Nottingham, England and have a lot of things cooking for 2015. The new live record should be out by March 15th.
We will have new videos out for a couple songs also.

9. Your albums are from time to time hard to find, and most copies of them you can only find on the second hand market for (often) huge prices. Do you have at this point any thoughts of re-relase them or at least some of them?

Derek Davis:
The problem is Arista Records, got sold to Sony, so they now own the masters of the first two records.
But this new Live CD is gonna have a lot of songs from the first album and people will be able to experience the songs how we play them live. The CD is called “LIVE @ TWENTY FIVE” – celebrating our 25 years together.

10. How does the future for the band look like? Are you just going to do selective gigs here and there or are Babylon A.D. back with full force? What can fans expect for the future?

Derek Davis:
You can expect some live dates in the U.S. and Europe as well as the new CD and anything else we can think of doing. Were gonna have a lot of fun this year.

11. At last, is there anything you would like to say to all the Babylon A.D. fans out there?

Derek Davis:
Thanks for still believing in the band and please check out our web site and our Facebook page for news and updates. Most of all “KEEP ROCKING HARD!

A huge thank you Derek for taking your time and answering these questions!


All pictures are used with permission from Derek Davis.




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