Interview with Piet Sielck from Iron Savior

Posted on August 21, 2015


IS_ROTH-P05_smallI got the chance a couple of months back to do an interview with Iron Saviors singer, guitarist and front man Piet Sielck, regarding their re-release of Megatropolis 2.0 and their new live album/DVD Live at the Final Frontier.
But because there was a delay it might seem a bit outdated now..

But nevertheless, I hope you’ll all enjoy it anyway :)
Thanks goes out to Piet for taking the time for this, and Anna Walter on AFM Records for setting it up! :)


* First off, I would like to ask about Megatropolis 2.0. Many people get the idea that when artists are re-recording their stuff, they are just out to grab some easy money without delivering new material.
But I thought it sounded interested when you stated you weren’t happy with the original version of Megatropolis and now could correct your errors, and though I like the original I must say that the 2.0 version really kicks ass!
So could you tell us more about this and your decision to make this re-recording?

Piet: The story is simple: AFM wanted to re-release this album and asked me for some bonus material like left over songs and stuff like that which I didn’t have.
So I came up with the idea to at least remix the album to make it more interesting… but when I would remix it and would have all individual tracks open again, I could also do some additional recording and straighten out some stuff… So I started to do so ;-)


* You said in a statement on your website that AFM Records told you that the original Megatropolis was sold out, and that it was part of why you decided to do this re-recording.
But is there any chance that the original version will ever be re-released for the fans who prefer that version and couldn’t get their hands on it?

Piet: To be honest: I don’t think so…

*Or is the dislike too strong from your side hehe?

Piet: No, not really… but indeed I do prefer the 2.0 version


*I have been quite a casual listener to Iron Saviors music during almost 10 years now, so I have to admit that I haven’t gotten the opportunity to catch any of your live shows, but it seems like you rarely (if any) plays any songs from the Megatropolis album.
Is this because of your dislike in the final product? And with the new version out, can we expect more Megatropolis songs being played live in a near future?

Piet: In fact we do play Omega Man quite frequently and also Megatropolis.
The problem is, that there are so many great songs but after 90-100 minutes of show we need to return to our oxygen tents ;-)


*Moving on and leaving Megatropolis.. you guys recently released your first live DVD/CD, recorded in your hometown of Hamburg. How was that for an experience?

Piet: This was and still is awesome! It was a wise decision to have it done “at home“. Of course it may lack an “international touch“, but WTF… this is typical Iron Savior.
The audience was great and the team we picked did an excellent job.
We ourself’s had a perfect night…. so all thumbs up!!!

*Is it something you have had in mind in previous years or was this something that hit you recently? I have heard that you didn’t really like the idea of live records ;)

Piet: There is nothing wrong with live recordings. I mentioned in earlier interviews, that I am not such a fan of pretend-to-play-live videos clips (!). I once did that with Savage Circus and… didn’t like it at all. But there is nothing wrong in capturing a unique moment in time like on the DVD!

*Please tell us more about the background of this new great live DVD/album :)

Piet: The whole production turned out so f….* great! We had a perfect night, so 90 % of what you hear is the original recording. We had to straighten out some small issues on guitars and I had to correct some passages of vocals with wrong lyrics, but this have been small fixes. we are proud about that performance! But as mentioned before our team was just as great. The audio recording, the shooting and the final video cut turned out to be awesome. And last but not least the fans gave us a great time as well. So for us this DVD is 100 out of 100!


*I had read in a previous interview/s that you had some real problems with your (now) terminated record label Dockyard 1, stories of betrayal, debts and you losing your spirit in writing music overall.
In that interview you also said that you are not a business man, so now when you are back on track with Iron Savior do you ever see yourself starting a new record label again, or is that idea totally dead to you now?Megatropolis

Piet: Starting a record label or else again is the very last thing I would ever do.


*After all that crazy shit you regained your passion for the music and did a great comeback with the album The Landing, and I gotta tell you that I was surprised about how powerful it sounded when I first heard it.
Would you say that the songwriting on that album reflects just that situation when you buried everything bad in the past behind you and started fresh, or am I imagining things?

Piet: Absolutely right! The Landing was also something like a personal come back for me. After all this crap and depressing moments it felt so great to write and produce this album :-) and to actually ENJOY music again.


*Since this comeback, how has all this affected you as a musician and the future of Iron Saviors music?

Piet: Well, I think with The Landing and also ROTH Iron Savior stands even more for a unique style with the right balance of speed, groove, prog and also R&R. It’s not easy to have all those different elements combined on one album… and it definitely is the right blend that makes the difference. I think we have been coming closer to that than ever before with the past two albums and will continue to work into that direction


*As a musician myself I thought it could be interesting to hear which one of your albums (both Iron and none-Iron related) you consider to be your most artistic and complex work?
The one you are the most proud of to date?

Piet: Iron Savior: Rise Of The Hero

Other: Queen, Night At The Opera – Day At The Races

Each and every time I listen to those albums, I am stunned again WTF those guys did with 24 track tape machines and analog consoles and outboard… I mean, there are millions of contemporary productions with state of the art recording equipment who are not even getting close to what they did on those albums… I still bow to that!


*In my opinion Iron Savior hasn’t changed sound that much since the beginning, you have taken small steps in other directions but still remaining true to your original sound.
How would you describe your sound and it’s development during the years?
Do you think that Iron Savior will undergo some major changes in it’s sound in the future or do you still hold strong to it’s roots?

Piet: Haha, we are too old for major changes ;-). Honestly, we are doing exactly the kind of music we want to do. As mentioned before, the spectrum of Iron Savior is not as narrow as with other bands… a rather progressive orientated songs can easily co-exist with a straight rock song. So no, no need to undergo dramatic changes or opening up to crazy new influences. When purchasing an Iron Savior album one usually knows what will be inside… we want to stick with this nice and reliable little habit ;-)


*So Piet, once again thank you so much for taking your time for these questions.
Is there anything you would like to add or say to all your fans out there?

Piet: I want to thank all our fans out there. Without you, we would be nothing more that a good band with some nice songs… you make us special! Thank you for that!!!


Photo 1: Used with permission from AFM Records

Photo 2: Robin Renmark