Friday is CD-Store-Day – CD Haul!

Posted on January 29, 2016


DSCF0916Hello everyone out there, today I went out hunting for some Manowar albums.
I have always hated these guys but thought I’d might give them another chance, so I set off looking for some stuff and.. yeah, I found a lot of other stuff too :P

So this is a summary of this weeks additions to my CD collection :)

Revenge – Iron Fire – I’ve already told you guys about this one so there is nothing more to say now ;)

So Far So Good.. So What? – Megadeth –  I started listen to a lot more Megadeth, and this is one is for a blog project.

Defenders Of The Faith – Judas Priest – Yeah, never liked these guys but the original version of this album is something I’ve been looking after for a while now, so I’m glad I stumbled upon it today.

Kings Of Metal – Manowar – Yuck.. well one has to give music another try.

Hail To England – Manowar – Actually not that bad but not really great either.

Skeletons In The Closet – Gamma Ray – One of the first Gamma Ray albums I heard and been wanting to have it for a great while now. Just never had the money for it or found it, but today I finally got it! :)

King Of The Nordic Twilight – Luca Turilli – Like the Gamma Ray album, this is also one that I’ve been wanting to have for a loong time so it’s a nice addition as well :)

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