Nippon Month Recommendations

Posted on March 9, 2016


So today I just wanted to share with you some fantastic Japanese music that I either found recently, or got tipped off by my good friend Jacob a while ago.

First off we have the Yoshida Brothers.. I mean, just listen and enjoy these masterminds.
Even if you don’t like the sound or music of the Shamisen, you still have to agree that they are fucking awesome and talented as crap:

And my personal favorite:

But just the other day I accidentally found out about the duo called Garnidelia, consisting of vocalist Mai Mizuhashi and producer Yoshinoli Abe whom apparently made some music for a bunch of Anime series.. I may be wrong because I don’t watch that much Anime, but their music is still awesome and kicks ass :)
And if I’m lucky, I will recieve their first album Linkage Ring in a few days, and hopfully I can smack up a review here before the end of March. But in the meantime, you are gonna have to enjoy them on your own ;)

Though stated before that I don’t watch a lot of Anime, I am aware that Anime’s are very famous for having incredible theme songs and overall awesome soundtracks, and I wanted to highlight for all you good people both the theme for Shangri-La and one of the beautiful piano pieces from Air.
The Shangri-La song is by May’n and actually reminds me a bit of some songs from Iron Maidens album The Final Frontier, am I the only one making that connection?
It’s a really great song but it can be hard to track down the full version, but if you can find it it’s well worth the effort.

The Air soundtrack isn’t really hard to track down, but it’s so beautiful that I simply had to get my own version of it on CD.
So if you like the show or just piano music in general, be sure to check it out!

I also have to make an honorable mention to Yoko Fujimoto, who’s traditional singing and music is just so amazing to listen to.
She’s hard to track down thoughl, but some of her stuff can be found on Spotify so I say check her out as well :)

So I hope you all enjoy these. A huge thank you goes out to my friend Jacob who is a big reason for me getting to know and enjoy this kinds of music. Thanks bro!

I’m in bad shape as I’ve stated in previous posts, but I’ll try to get some reviews up soon :)

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