Metal Resistance – Babymetal

Posted on April 8, 2016


Metal Resistance“Babymetal? You’re shitting me. I can’t believe some people actually like them”

Well without giving out names, that’s an extremely immature comment someone left me when I showed my CD haul and Babymetal’s latest album Metal Resistance happened to be among them.
Why is that comment so immature then?
Well simply because it often comes from people who think they are “true” Metalheads, closed minded dodo’s who don’t know anything about music and just think it’s cool to bang their heads to some heavy riffs.
Now, there is nothing wrong with that in particular, but music and Heavy Metal is so much more than that and if you shut yourself out on different styles just because “it isn’t true”, well sir.. you are an idiot.
You are an immature idiot who knows nothing about music.

It’s perfectly fine to dislike different genres or styles or whatever, but you should at least have the mind to respect and understand beyond your own taste.
I for instance despise Marilyn Manson and his music, but I do not look down on him as an artist and I have huge respect for him because he’s doing what he wants to. He has his purpose and passion for what he’s doing, and that’s fucking admirable even though I do not enjoy his music in particular.
The same thing goes out to his fans, I respect your taste and if you happen to like Manson, then good for you. Enjoy.

The “problem” people seem to have with Babymetal is that they mix up some really heavy stuff up with J-Pop and everything within that genre, and I think that’s an awesome idea that inevitably would have come to life. It doesn’t matter if Babymetal were around, it would have been figured out sometime anyway.
Allthough because of this, people in the Metal community see them as “a threat that is going to destroy Heavy Metal” and bla bla bla..
Get over yourself. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it and don’t give it more attention then and act more mature instead of making an ass of yourself. Babymetal is Metal no matter what you think of them, it kicks some serious ass and will turn your brain into shit.

And besides.. Us Metal fans has always been known for creating this brotherhood between us, we stick together no matter what and we understand what good music is all about. Why should we exclude Babymetal?
Because they are girls? Because they are from Japan? Because they mix Metal with other genres, like so many other Metal bands do? Not to mention that they are celebrating and paying homage to all the great Metal bands out there?
Come on, Metal fans stick together and respect each others musical taste.

For me, I had heard of them for a couple of years but I simply didn’t bother because I couldn’t take them seriously due to their stupid name. It really felt like they were making a mockery of the Metal scene, and boy did I felt stupid when I realized how wrong I had been..
Instead, you can hear a lot of influences from classic Metal bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and also some newer Power Metal stuff like Dragonforce.
Yeah, for the most of the time Babymetal (at least to me) feels like the Japanese version of Dragonforce, and that’s fucking awesome and as good as it gets.

The group consists of three girls, the lead vocalist Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto), and the “back-ups” Yuimetal (Yui Mizuno) and Moametal (Moa Kikuchi) along with the musicians of the Kami Band.. And let me tell you, that band is more awesome than you might think.
I’m not sure if they are performing on the albums, but live they are just a treat for your ears to listen to and a perfect back up for these three girls.

For me as a Dragonforce fan it’s really nice to see Herman Li and Sam Totman making a contribution here on the albums first song, “Road Of Resistance” and what can I say.. It’s fucking Dragonforce and Babymetal coming together into one. As if they didn’t sound enough like Dragonforce before, now I’m actually thinking I put in the Maximum Overload album instead.
I know I have used the word awesome so many times but there really isn’t any better word to use to describe this.
The single Karate is also a very good and catchy song, and this is just Babymetal back to basics and even though it’s not their best song it’s still pretty damn good. Nothing wrong here.
Awadama Fever is also fucking great, with some more electronic elements that makes me think The Prodigy were involved on a small corner, and this is one of my absolute favorites on this disc.
The song Amore is also among the best here, but it draws back to more of the J-Pop elements that this group is known for, but still holds up that Power Metal style that kicks ass, making this track very good.19721230772_64396500b4_o

Now, I haven’t had time to listen to their first album since I haven’t recieved it in the mail yet, but I have listened to most of those songs from their live concerts and some of the album itself online. But watching other reviews it seems like Babymetal has taken their music to the next level with Metal Resistance and are showing much more diversity and influences from many other sub-genre-bands in the Metal scene.
I personally think that’s gonna make more people take them serious. They weren’t just something the internet found as a fun joke for just a small period of time, no they are making some really good music that is both fun and awesome to listen to.
The instruments on this album also sound more real and not that artificial as the stuff I’ve heard from their debut, but like I said.. I haven’t gotten much opportunity to listen to that album more thoroughly yet.

The single and closing track on this album, The One, is sung in English at least on the international version of the album, which is pretty cool but I would like to have the original in Japanese too.
Why couldn’t this English version have been a bonus track or something?
I also will go out and praise this song as Cover Killer Nation on Youtube did, because this is a huge epic song with a certain movie soundtrack feel to it, that closes the album so perfectly.
It really shows how mature this group has become and that they can put out some huge and amazing stuff that doesn’t have to blow your brains out with heavy riffs and such.
Worth a shout out is also the song No Rain, No Rainbow which is just a perfect Power Ballad, so don’t forget to check that one out.

Metal Resistance is just a very complete album with no boring songs at all. It’s not a perfect album but it comes close to it, at least for me being really into this kind of stuff right now.
And there isn’t much more to say that hasn’t already been said by other critics, I can only strongly agree that this is a very very good album that I’m really happy we got.
Many bands are out there to make a statement and to drive important questions or thoughts, but Babymetal is not one of them and you’ve got to have some bands that can just let loose and not be so serious about everything.
And no, you are not a poser or a none-Metalhead if you enjoy this stuff, because guess what?
It’s as fucking Metal as it can be but with an unexpected twist that actually works out very well.
It’s fun and it’s fucking awesome so just sit back and enjoy it.
And if you don’t like it, then simply don’t listen to it :)


Photo 1: Robin Renmark

Photo 2: Kyle Gaddo