The Terminator Original Soundtrack by Brad Fiedel

Posted on May 19, 2016


DSC_5430DSC_5431Okay this is not really going to be a full review of this soundtrack, but more of a shoutout because of this new release of it from Milan Records.
Now there are a couple of other versions of this great soundtrack out there, but this motherfucker is the one to get.
Why is that? Let me explain..

We all know and love the Terminator franchise (the first and the second at least) so it needs no introduction. And we who love this movie can’t deny the fact that Brad Fiedel did an awesome job composing and creating music that really fits perfectly for this dark movie and its atmosphere.
There are a couple of versions of this soundtrack still available online, some for higher prices than the others.. so why did Milan Records have to release it in 2016?
Well I dont know their intent, but for me this is worth getting only for the fact that it includes the original score to the famous scene where Kyle Reese have a flashback from the future war.

You guys know what I’m talking about, that awesome and iconic scene were Reese and some random chick from the resistance are (ironically) hunting down and destroying an HK Tank.
That fucking scene has left a permanent impression on my mind since the first time I saw it, and the music fits so perfectly with the atmosphere of the future war against the machines.
And what I really want to touch upon is that this is the only soundtrack that got this one right.
All the other Terminator soundtracks out there has different takes and versions of this track that wasn’t even in the movie, also calling it “Gun Shop/Reese In Alley” or some stupid shit like that. Now we finally got this one, and we got it right! Thank you Milan Records and Brad Fiedel!

Oh and I forgot.. Brad Fiedel himself was present on this version and remixed it so that it sounds the way he originally intended to.
So it is important to know that some stuff here doesn’t really sound exactly as it did in the movie, like the title track for instance or the escape from the police station. But that’s okay for me since this is how Brad Fiedel wanted it all to sound like, and it actually sounds pretty damn good!DSC_5432

The album cover could be different but is overall okay, (I’m glad they picked this instead of the original to avoid confusion) and the back cover features the photo of Arnold as the Terminator from the posters (and the original soundtrack as well).
It came as a surprise in the form of a Digipack, so on the inside “fold out” we have a nice picture of a T-800 endoskeleton and beneath the CD holder we have a less nice photo of the same robot almost like a screenshot taken straight from the movie.
It provides a more eerie feel like in the movie, but they could have picked a better photo for this purpose.

Overall, the packaging is very nice, allthough I would prefer a booklet with some line notes and information about the score and its background.
And the music itself is something to review for another time, maybe I’ll do it in the year 2029..
I can at least say that it’s electronic goodies from the 80s and a perfect score for the awesome concept that is the Terminator movies, and I can’t do anything else than to thank Mr. Fiedel and Milan Records for bringing us this version.
They are also going to re-release the Robocop movie soundtrack (which later turned out to already have been released in 2015. shame on me…) as well and that’s also one that needed to get available again, so I hope you guys can go out and support this and maybe we can get some more high quality re-releases from Milan Records.
We really need a full and remastered version of the soundtrack to Paul Verhoeven’s movie Starship Troopers, make it happen Milan! :)

All photos: Robin Renmark

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