New Running Wild Album Coming In August!

Posted on June 11, 2016


RW_Rapid-ForayYes that’s right, we are finally after three years getting yet another album from the German pirates of Running Wild, entitled Rapid Foray!
It’s been in the making for some time and almost directly after their last album “Resilient” got released, there were words of another upcoming album but was delayed due to Kasparek broke his shoulder.. But now it’s finally announced with a full setlist, a release date and an awesome front cover!

A first sneak at this new album was already given to all the people attending their latest show at Wacken, and to all of us that didn’t go had the opportunity to watch the show live on Youtube when they performed the new track Into The West.
And even if this song stinks of the new Running Wild, it is a pretty fucking awesome song that I never could get tired of, so I’m very glad to see it will be present on Rapid Foray and I can’t wait to hear how the studio version will sound like!

Now one thing concerns me.. Mr Kasparek wrote in a message on RWs official site that this album’s going to be their most diverse, and I usually don’t have a problem with that but the whole thing about Running Wild is that they have always been consistent in their style.
Fans always knew what they were going to get, but with all the albums since Rogues en Vogue there has been great changes in their sound.
Rolf Kasparek has also been involved with other projects and explored his musical side and I have nothing against that per say, but he is using that to change Running Wilds sound and it’s something that I’m not very fond of.
Okay, it’s his band and he can do whatever he wants.. but a lot of fans doesn’t seem to like it, and Kasparek has always been clear on that Running Wild should sound just like Running Wild, and nothing else.

My point is that I got scared when I read this because it could mean that Running Wild is turning into something else, and are driving away from its character. I don’t want one of my favorite bands to sound like “Me And The Boys” from the Shadowmaker album.. Oh please, never let that happen.
Otherwise, I can’t fucking wait for this because.. Running Wild is fucking back!
I’ve been waiting for this album so long, and in that time I’ve kinda dropped the band in favor of other genres but now I’m feeling the pirate blood in me boiling again and I think it’s time to dust off the old classics in my collection!

Another thing I want to touch upon is that RW recently released a compilation album entitled “Riding the Storm – The Very Best of the Noise Years 1983-1995”, and I would like all of you who are intenrested in Running Wild to go out and support this band and this particular release.
Why? Because ALL of the old classic RW albums has been out of print for a VERY long time, they are extremely expensive to find on the second hand market, and I believe Kasparek said in an interview that Universal is sitting on the rights to those albums but won’t sell them back to Rolf or release any of them.
But he was trying to buy back the rights to some songs so that he could put together this compilation and re-record the songs (this was in the talks years ago), and now we finally have it and if you go out and buy it then maybe one day soon we can get a new release of these old classic albums.
Their first album actually got a re-release a couple of years back, and I was in contact with the person who was responsible for it and his words was that they had permission to release Port Royal, Under Jolly Roger and Death Or Glory I believe, if that first release sold any good.
Well, we still haven’t seen those other albums so that opportunity has been thrown in the toilet now.

I personally own all of the albums both in their original form and remastered (some of them never got a remastered version), and I think this compilation has left out a lot of the great stuff.
But if you are new to the band it’s a great way to start, and I really hope all the fans can get this album and support Running Wild.
The old classic albums are too amazing to just sit and dust in a closet, we need to get them out there in the stores!

Hoist the Jolly Roger and fight, Running Wild is back!

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