Update 11-07-2016

Posted on July 11, 2016


Hi girls and guys, it’s been a while since I last wrote here and there’s been reasons for it.

I have not felt very well lately and also been ill two times, and pretty rough both of the times..
And there haven’t really been much music to talk about right now, I’ve been focused on creating music, reading books and also recover from all shit that’s happened lately.
I’m also having problems with stress and with my eyes, so writing and proofread a whole review is much harder now than it was before..

But there has been some nice things as well, Cacophonous Records put me up on their mailing list so that I will receive upcoming releases from them, so a huge thank you goes out to Angela Owen and of course, Cacophonous Records!
As you may know, this is the record label responsible for releasing the first couple of Cradle of Filth albums and they much recently released something very special.. stay tuned for more on that ;)cradleduskmay teaser

Otherwise, I will try take it easy in times like this and try to enjoy the good weather while we still have it :P
Keep it all up, listen to some great music and I’ll try to get back into shape :)

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