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Rapid Foray – Running Wild

August 31, 2016


It’s always a huge event for me when Running Wild is about to release a new album, all the nostalgia and great memories instantly comes back to my mind and I can’t fucking wait for the new album! The excitement is so huge that one is ready to “forgive” small things here and there that […]

Dusk.. and Her Embrace – The Original Sin – Cradle of Filth

August 22, 2016


Over a month ago when this CD was released I ordered it, and I still haven’t received it. So I had to order it from another seller in order to get it at all, and it took 3 days before it landed in my mail box.. Something is seriously wrong. Either way, here it is so […]

Shin Gojira Soundtrack – Shiro Sagisu

August 13, 2016


Well for all of you out there who didn’t knew it, I fucking love Japanese Kaiju movies and Godzilla is something that’s been with me since childhood and.. There’s a new fucking Godzilla movie out! The first Japanese movie with the big G since 2004, and a direct answer to Hollywoods attempt 2014 which actually […]

Metal Fans Sucks

August 9, 2016


Almost a month ago I was posting that I was suppose to review a certain album. Well because of the post office fuckery, I haven’t gotten that album yet so I can’t review it and now it’s not even news anymore so I’m very pissed off at that. So I thought I’d bring you another […]