Metal Fans Sucks

Posted on August 9, 2016


Almost a month ago I was posting that I was suppose to review a certain album. Well because of the post office fuckery, I haven’t gotten that album yet so I can’t review it and now it’s not even news anymore so I’m very pissed off at that.
So I thought I’d bring you another topic that I’ve encountered for all my years as a fan of various Heavy Metal bands, namely their fans and the fact that most of them seems to be intolerant assholes.

I use to think of Metal fans as a family, we are all part of the same community and we stick together. That’s just the nature of Metal music and their fans, we are brothers and sisters, we stick up for each other and respect our different music tastes because we are a Metal community.
We stand together against all the haters and show the world that Metal fans are often great people who wish no one harm and only wants to enjoy good music.
But lately I’ve come hate this community and this whole thing that we once stood for, because it’s completely gone and destroyed by a bunch of assholes who does nothing else but shitting on their fellow brother and sisters musical taste.

“Oh you are not a Metal fan unless you have long hair, tatoos and dislike all other musical genres”
“You’re pussy if you listen to Babymetal or Cradle of Filth”
And extremely immature stuff like “Cradle of Fag/Shit/Crap” etc..
Really? Have the Metal fans really sunk that low?

What happened to the Metal community?
Now days there is so much hate everywhere and it seems like people are doing everything they can in order to piss on someones taste just because they in particular doesn’t like this or that persons favorite bands.
And people get so fucking pissed off by the fact that someone likes a band that they don’t enjoy.. what is wrong with you?

Metal is not about drinking, it’s not about long hair or tatoos, nor is it about what sub-genre some of the bands are folded in.
We love Metal because we share the same love for heavy riffs, anthemic and majestic melodies/choruses, face-melting guitar solos and the passion that goes into writing all these songs.
Even though Metal is a generally bad genre with MANY bands that just sucks the big one, there is always a common thing and that is passion. The passion and dedication the musicians have for their particular idea and the genre itself, and the passion we fans share for this music.
And it is those bands that manage to pull something special together that stands out, and those are the bands we love and remember such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Running Wild, Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire and many many more.

I’m so sick of these people who simply can’t accept that we like different kinds of music, it only goes to show how immature the Metal community has become and it’s embarrassing.
Metal is about the comradery and the passion we share for the same music style. Would you hate someone because they didn’t enjoy your favorite food? No, you would say “Hey no problem, more for me then”.

I’m ashamed to call myself a Metal fan to that extend that I no longer call myself that, and I despise everytime I have to deal with the fellow Metal fan who acts like a 3 year old.
Come on Metal fans, you are better than this. It’s about our common love and passion for a music genre that is generally based on passion for this one thing.
Enjoy the music and share that love with someone who likes it, or someone who isn’t familiar with that particular band or sub-genre.

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