Shin Gojira Soundtrack – Shiro Sagisu

Posted on August 13, 2016


DSC_5941-2Well for all of you out there who didn’t knew it, I fucking love Japanese Kaiju movies and Godzilla is something that’s been with me since childhood and..
There’s a new fucking Godzilla movie out! The first Japanese movie with the big G since 2004, and a direct answer to Hollywoods attempt 2014 which actually turned out successfull this time (we want to forget about the 98 movie that only bears the name..).

So as you can guess I was both thrilled and psyched for this new title coming, and baring the name Shin Gojira (which means either “new”, “true” or something like that) and also being co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi just can’t go wrong.
Higuchi directed the live version of Attack On Titan which people have different opinions about, I personally like it so for me this was a match made in heaven. I’ve always wanted a truly dark and scary Godzilla movie and as far as that goes, the only ones we’ve got that comes close to being both is the original from 54 and Return of Godzilla from 84.. and Attack On Titan truly was dark and unsettling at times, much due to Shiro Sagisus amazing soundtrack so with him ALSO on board on Shin Gojira.. wow!

I haven’t seen the movie yet since it’s only released in Japan at the moment but both the trailer and it’s reception from the fans is very promising, and the little glance of the soundtrack you got from the trailer and the fact that it is Sagisu and Higuchi working together made me decide that I had to own the soundtrack.
Well the CD showed up today and… yeah, it didn’t work out as well as I’d hope.
Maybe this is one of those works that will grow on you in time, but I sat listening to the music for Attack On Titan the day before and it makes the Godzilla soundtrack feel bland. And trust me, this really hurts to say because I love Sagisus works and his way of creating music, and the stuff that is here that is good is really amazing and on par with AOT, but the whole thing seems wasted.
I mean.. 32 tracks where almost 10 tracks seems to be old Akira Ifukube (the father of Godzilla music) songs just taken straight from the older movies. This is cool as a bonus but why? It doesn’t make any sense what so ever.
And on top of that, Sagisu actually does pays homage to Ifukube’s classic Godzilla score here and there which is kinda cool and does make sense too since the whole film is a homage to what the original Godzilla is all about.

But with that said, I feel a bit swindled because I didn’t bought this album to listen to Akira Ifukubes music, I bought it to get a good dose of Shiro Sagisus masterworks that we got a glimps of in the trailer.
The opening track “Persecution of the Masses” is shown in the trailer and it is the highlight of this whole CD. It’s so fucking dark and hopfully it will reflect how the movie will turn out. The ominous piano, strings and choirs.. man this is just perfect and really shows off what a destructive force Godzilla is and gives you a great feeling of despair and hopelessness.
This really is some scary shit, it is Shiro Sagisu at his best and I can’t get enough of it!
It even opens up with the famous Godzilla stomp and roar taken directly from the 54 movie, which I think is a great homage but it will only work if the film lives up to what it’s claiming to be.
But that is basically it for this CD.

The rest of this disc had some nice and similar songs such as “Who Will Know” and “Black Angels”, but then there are strange jazzy tunes and some track that even featured some bongos and had a pretty cool atmosphere to them.
But I think the problem is that this soundtrack is one of those that doesn’t work without the movie.
Some soundtracks are that amazing that they work as a stand alone piece of art, and the “Persecution of the Masses” is such a song but the rest doesn’t come up to the same standard or dark atmosphere.
And it really does makes me sad to say, because I love some of Shiro Sagisus work and I think him working on this movie had real potential, potential that sadly got wasted I’m afraid.

Maybe this will grow on me, but for now I don’t think it’s worth putting 25 dollars to get.
I’m glad I got it and are able to listen to it, and I think it will redeem itself once I see the actual movie but for now it actually was a huge disappointment.
This is of course my first reaction to it so don’t take my words all too seriously as I might change my thoughts too, and maybe I’ll do another review of it in the future but for now this will stand.
It’s not bad by any means but there are some fillers that could have been longer tracks, the bonuses are weird but what’s good here truly is amazing. Check it out on Youtube or something before deciding, but I don’t think it’s worth 25 dollars plus shipping from Japan.




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