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Posted on August 22, 2016


DSC_5961Over a month ago when this CD was released I ordered it, and I still haven’t received it.
So I had to order it from another seller in order to get it at all, and it took 3 days before it landed in my mail box..
Something is seriously wrong.
Either way, here it is so let’s have a look at it.

So a friend of my said to me last month that Cradle of Filth was about to re-release their classic album Dusk And Her Embrace, and I immediately thought it was either a re-release because the original wasn’t printing anymore, or a remake of some sort.
Fuck no, this is the original recorded version that never saw the light of day, with basically the same line up from their debut classic The Principle of Evil Made Flesh. From that moment on I was psyched and knew I had to get this disc because I’ve always liked this album, but thought it lacked something that maybe this version could give me.
The original album released in 1996 is considered a classic and perhaps Cradle of Filths most important album to date and where many people can hate on their later albums, almost nobody can say anything bad about Dusk.

I picked this up early when I discovered Filth way back in the days and I remember enjoying it very much, certain stand out songs for me such as A Gothic Romance, Heaven Torn Asunder, Funeral In Carpathia and the title track has stuck to me since and I was really surprised at how raw and cold they managed to sound but doing this with a pretty clean production.
But that was one of my problems the production.. Now, I’m not one of those production-Black-Metal-Snobs that only enjoys albums with shitty production, but I have to agree that it is a genre that benefits and has its roots in bad production and low quality recordings.
Dusk And Her Embrace however did work out, but for some reason the clean production here just bugged me.
But how is the production value on this original recording?

Well it’s hard to say because they remastered it and I also believe the remixed it a little? It sounds pretty much the same as the 96 version with slight difference going for the more dirty sound, but you can hear that Danis voice is more harsh at times and that is appreciated!
The songs themselfs are pretty much the same and differs very little from the release we previously got, with an exception of some lyrics changed and arrangements/musical parts. If you where to compare two songs to each other you can clearly hear the simularities, but when listening to this original recording I do feel a difference. I just wish they didn’ remastered it so that it could sound as raw and harsh as they once wanted it to sound like. I can actually imagine that the original tape sounded much more filthy than this final product.

When it comes to demos and old recordings being released there is always those snobs who can’t ever be satisfied, and only loves the demos and the stuff that didn’t made the final cut. But for some reason people seems to piss on this release?
That confuses me, and I’m not one who always enjoy demos or shitty production but I do actually enjoy The Original Sin and its slightly harsher sound in comparison with the 96 version, but I sadly have to say that the version we got back in the days still is the best.
And it only comes down to some small arrangements and changes made to lyrics and solos in the songs, but if I only had The Original Sin I think I would be satisfied as well. It’s not that bad as many claims it to be.Dusk_7 and 8

There is one huge thing I forgot to mention and that is that there important songs missing, such as Malice Through the Looking Glass and the instrumental masterpiece Humana Inspired To Nightmare, and are replaced here with the classic Noctorunal Supremacy, the pointless “Macabre, This Banquet” and Carmilla’s Masque as a beautiful closer.
Cronos from the classic band Venom who does a guest appearance on the song Haunted Shores (or The Haunted Shores of Avalon as its called here) does a much better job here and fits the song way better than on the 96 version.
We also got demo recordings of A Gothic Romance and Nocturnal Supremacy as a bonus, which I don’t really understand why we got since this whole album basically is a demo, but hey it’s okay.
Both versions of Nocturnal Supremacy is actually some of the best versions I’ve heard of this song I must say.

The cover design sucks. It just sucks the big one a million times over and over again.
I can’t get why Dani thought this abomination of a front cover could reflect the music or atmosphere on this album.
And has Dani fallen in love with himself or something? Did we really need a front cover with a female version of Dani grabbing his boobs?
I know it is not Dani but it sure damn looks like him, and it’s just disgusting and boring to look at.
It looks cheap and bland, I can’t understand how they could greenlight this?
Take a look at the original cover from 96, that fucker really reflects the music and it’s dark gothic atmosphere.
This one just shits all over that and doesn’t reflect a damn thing about this album.DSC_5963

But let’s sum up..
I think if you are new to Cradle of Filth or just curious about checking them out, you can’t go wrong here.
I still think the 96 version is the superior one but the differences are minor on most of the songs so I don’t think it hurts anyone who are new to the band.
On the other hand.. much of the hate could come because of that factor, that this can feel like a cheap money grab for the band that they destroyed with a remeastering to make it sound like the 96 version with a slight difference.
They really should have let it be in it’s original form and just release it as it was, and besides.. the remastering isn’t that impressive either so.
It is in my opinion still okay though.

If you are a fan you could pick this up, I think it’s fun to listen to and it’s an interesting piece of history that I actually didn’t knew existed, and it is also not that expensive to buy so I won’t be too hard on it.
After all, it is Dusk and Her Embrace so you can’t really go wrong :)


Band Photo: Used with permission from Angela Owen at Cacophonous Records

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