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Posted on August 31, 2016


DSC_6005It’s always a huge event for me when Running Wild is about to release a new album, all the nostalgia and great memories instantly comes back to my mind and I can’t fucking wait for the new album!
The excitement is so huge that one is ready to “forgive” small things here and there that isn’t really that great, only to later realize that both Shadowmaker and Resilient weren’t that great as the first impression may have had you thought.

So this time around I didn’t want to have too high hopes for Rapid Foray especially since the Cap’n himfels Rolf Kasparek said that this was to be their most diverse album to date. Right away my thoughts went to the awful new sound of “Me and the Boys” (can’t believe I have to recall to this song yet again..) and their side project Giant X, and I actually thought that this release was going to be more worse than the previous two we got.
That was until I heard the previews on Youtube which fucking blew me away to the point that I didn’t want to listen to them all and just wait till I got the album in my hand. But I couldn’t resist myself so I took a listen to the song Black Bart that was officially released and yeah.. this is Running Wild as they should sound like!

This may be my first impression but as far as that goes, Rapid Foray is WAY WAY more better than both Resilient and Shadowmaker together and it seems that Rolf needed two poor albums in order to get back into shape because Rapid is the best Running Wild album in many years.
Now there is some problems here though as the album doesn’t start off as fast and gritty as I thought it would with songs like Into the West and Black Bart, but instead we get “Black Skies, Red Flag” and Warmongers which at first didn’t impress me much even though I could feel that this is some solid shit and sounds like Running Wild!
But just a few more listen to these two songs and I already know that these are great ones, especially Warmongers which reminds me much of Black Hand Inn (some riffs are completely identical) which is one of my favorite RW albums of all time.

The album slows down a little with Stick To Your Guns which is a good song, but it hasn’t really stuck with me as much yet, but the album quickly picks up the pace with the title track which really is a great ride even though it kinda reminds me of Sailing Fire from Shadowmaker.
By The Blood In Your Heart is a strange one because I don’t know whether to like this one or hate it..
It is the song on the album that sounds most like a Giant X side project and takes what we didn’t like about Shadowmaker and Resilient but it still sounds pretty okay. If you take it for what it is, I’m sure many people will enjoy it but it doesn’t really give a fair view on what Running Wilds music is about.
It also contains bagpipes at the end of the song, and I think this is the very first song that Running Wild included this instrument as a more main part of the song.. interesting!

And then we have the first instrumental song since 2002’s album The Brotherhood, namely The Deph of the Sea (Nautilus) and I have to say that it is pretty damn good even though I’m not very fond of instrumental tracks in Metal.
I’m listening to Running Wild to get strong Power/Speed Metal, not some jerky “look how big dick I have”- guitar solos but this track is more based on melody and atmosphere and sounds really good.
It’s not too long and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, well done Mr Kasparek!
Now Hellectrified and Blood Moon Rising are okay songs, they didn’t do much for me but I’m sure they will grow on me in time but for now they are the weakest of the bunch.

Black Bart and Into The West are the songs we got to hear before the albums release and it’s a shame, because they really are the best on the entire disc, and I do mean it because they fucking kick ass!
If you thought Into The West sounded a little weak on Wacken, then try the studio version!
It really is a blast of energy that I wished RW could do a little more of these days.
Together with the two opening tracks they are the songs that sounds the most like old school Running Wild, something I thought I’d never hear again from this group but these tracks are simply just excellent!
I do have to mention also that the chorus for Black Bart really reminds me of the chorus to Black Gold from the 2005 album Rogues en Vogue, anyone else picked up on that too?

The epic finale “Last of the Mohicans” is also a pretty good song that starts out with an good ol’ cheesy spoken dialogue from Mr Kasparek, and has much better melodies and atmosphere to it in comparison with the last albums epic Bloody Island.
It’s interesting to hear Running Wild take on the history of native Americans since I don’t think the’ve done something similar before, and such a different topic than their usual pirate stuff too.
Another thing I have to point my finger at is that Into The West is much louder and sounds a bit different from the rest of the tracks here? I can figure they recorded, mastered and mixed this one before all the other songs because they simply don’t match up?
Really weird..rw_band2016_small

All in all, Rapid Foray is a great surprise and a great comeback for Running Wild. Definetely their best effort since the reunion in 2011 and all songs has something good about them even though some may be a bit weaker than the other.
But we do have something else to discuss before I’m done..
It’s an old topic which is as controversal as Han shot first from Star Wars – Is it a real drummer or a drum machine?
Come on fans, stop putting your fist into each others asses over this topic, it’s just stupid and pathetic.
Yeah, Running Wild used a live drummer on Wacken last year, and yet again the drums on Rapid Foray sounds programmed but WHAT DOES IT MATTER?
Should the sound of the drums destroy a whole song? And to be honest, they are pretty damn good programmed so I don’t mind it at all allthough I do have to say that I prefer the sound of a real drummer.
But this doesn’t sound bad and it doesn’t make me rip my scrotum out because they may be programmed.
So fans, please drop this stupid discussion and enjoy (or dislike) Running Wilds music.

I also read somewhere that a person really didn’t like this album and said that Rolf was “destroying the legacy of his own band”.
Ehm.. how is he destroying the legacy of his own band?
Some of Running Wilds old albums aren’t gold straight through and maybe the most importat detail you forgot to think about.. An album released in 2016 doesn’t destroy a great album from 85?
I mean, how can anyone be so fucking stupid and even say something like that?
I would like to see you come up with something better and stay as good for 30 + years.

It’s of course all a matter of taste and everyone has their right to express what they feel about an album, but there are also a line between what’s taste and what’s actually a stupid statement.
As for me, I can already say that I love Rapid Foray and the biggest problem with it is that it’s simply too short!
58 minutes, we need more next time Cap’n!
Oh and yeah I forgot, the album cover is fucking awesome!
I’m sort of glad that they got rid of the mascot Adrian on this cover since I think he’s been worn out a bit. This cover looks very fresh and really reflects the albums atmosphere and how great it is.
The only thing we need now is a live album or a live DVD, make it happen Mr Rolf!

Pick Rapid Foray up and hoist the colours, because this is Running Wild going back to their classic vintage sound!


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