Shout Out: Silverbones

Posted on September 9, 2016


wild-waves-frontSo if the new Running Wild album wasn’t enough to satisfy your need for some great Pirate-Speed-Metal then I got something for you.
I happened to stumble upon the Italian band Silverbones and their debut album Wild Waves, and allthough many people could argue for this band to be a total rip off I would rather say that they are a tribute.

Running Wild made a name for themselfs with their speedy Pirate Metal back in the eighties and had a unique sound that I’ve never heard from any other band, that is until I heard Silverbones..
These Italians really do catch the spirit and sound that we all love from Running Wild, so you could say that they are not really original but hey it sounds fucking awesome so why complain?13909206_1096230743802566_4197300882007758572_o

Their bass player Andrea Franceschi were kind enough to send me their full length album and I was really impressed after my first listen, so if you did (or didn’t) like Rapid Foray then I highly recommend you checking out the Wild Waves album as it is the closest to a nostalgic Running Wild sound without being Running Wild.
I’ve heard other people give the scepter to the Swedish project Blazon Stone but I’d actually prefer Silverbones sound, so be sure to check them out and if you like their stuff I think you should support the band by go out and get their album.
You can buy it here:

A want to send out a thank you to Mr Franceschi, Silvebones and everyone who read and enjoyed my Rapid Foray Review.
Keep up the great stuff guys and girls!

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