Live At Wembley – Babymetal

Posted on December 12, 2016


babymetalSo a little more than a half year has gone by since Babymetal released their latest album Metal Resistance, which seem to take the group to higher grounds than ever before.
Apparently no Japanese group or band has ever played at the Wembley Arena so this just had to be recorded and remembered forever, congratz to that Babymetal :)

I love live albums and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them, but with this release I strangely got the feeling that we didn’t need to have.
I mean, Babymetal are MUCH better live than in Studio so I’m all for that but Live At Wembley feels half assed. Why?
Because they decided to co-release a DVD and Blu-Ray of this but for some stupid reason the decision was made to scratch songs for the CD release..
Now isn’t that a good idea?
For us CD lovers who wants to have this awesome live recording on the go can forget songs like Iine, Akatsuki, Catch Me If You Can, Yon No Uta. Aoboshi is for some reason blended together with Amore on the DVD/Blu-Ray.. what kind of idiot put this shit together?!

What is this? Why go out and make such half ass shit like this? Oh yeah I forgot, the DVD and Blu-Ray is only available in Japan for 40-80 dollars each and if I want to import them to Sweden they’ll cost well over 100 dollars!
Wow.. for a first ever Japanese act on the Wembley Arena, you sure did fuck up to commemorate it.

Now that I got that out of the way, how about the content that actually is present?
Well what can I say, it’s Babymetal and Kami Band, and it’s fucking awesome as usual!
The biggest reason I wanted to get this live album was to get a taste of the new stuff from Metal Resistance live since I’ve only seen crappy concert clips on Youtube of these, and even though the classic has to be featured this is my main reason for both getting and recommending this disc.
And I’m glad to see that my favorites from MR, Awadama Fever and Amore, is presented here and they have never sounded better!22662321636_70483dae03_o
We also got other new great tracks such as “Yava!”, “GJ!”, Meta Taro, Karate, The One and Road of Resistance, and they are all the highlights of the show, well done Babymetal!
The older stuff isn’t bad at all but we have heard them so many times now, even so that I notice that even Megitsune (which is my all time favorite Babymetal song) use playback on the backup singers which is really sucky. Come one, Moametal and Yuimetal are awesome singers and are a great part of this group, so why destroy it like this?
And not only that, their microphones are really low so one can barely hear them throughout the entire show :O
Take a listen to the fantastic Live At Budokan and compare, now that’s how a live album is suppose sound like!

Other than that, there’s nothing more to say. It’s a shame I can’t get my hands on the DVD because much of their show is their dancing around and all those goodies, but for me it’s also important to be able to listen to these tracks when I’m on the go and that’s why I’m so pissed that they didn’t include all of the songs. Shame on you!
So how to grade this album.. Out of 10, the performance get a strong 8 but they could have been ALL live, skip the playback next time.
5 for production and all that shit, Yuimetal and Moametal shouldn’t have to suffer because they are backup singers/dancers.
And a 1 for fucking up the tracklist and removing songs just for the sake of fucking with us.
The packaging is poor as well, only one piece of paper they folded once.. come one, and you’re still going to charge full price for that?
They did the same with the previous releases too, just stop it.

7/10 total is the feeling I get.

Band Photo By: Lucy Lamb


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