De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive – Mayhem

Posted on December 31, 2016


dsc_6305dsc_6307FINALLY we get a new Mayhem live album!
The last live efforts this band came with were three different albums that were all released in 2001, and with pretty much the same setlist and crap.
Not to mention that these live albums sounded pretty shitty too so we the fans had to settle with crappy bootlegs and such if you weren’t lucky enough to get Mayhem to play in your town or a nearby place.
Some fans would argue that the recent re-release of the bands first live album Live In Leipzig and the bootleg Live In Zeits are two new live album, but the Leipzig album is a re-release of an old record and the Zeits album is only a first official release of an old bootleg.
So no, I don’t consider any of them to be new live releases.

This is apparently the first time ever the classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album has been performed live which I doubt a little, but hey I don’t feel the need to pick on that. But if this really is the first time, let me tell you that it is a great tribute to one of the most important Black Metal albums of all time!
Mayhem has had a rough time playing live since the departure of their former guitarist Blasphemer, because they never seemed to find a good fit or Attila just liked to fuck up.
Morfeus and Silmaeth worked great together and Teloch is a good guitarist, but Charles Hedger..
I’m sorry Charles, I mean no personal offense but the quality of Mayhems live performance has dropped severely since he joined.
Yeah Attila fucked up at times just for the sake of screwing with the audience, but Hedger sucked in Cradle of Filth and dragged down their performance ad now he does the same with Mayhem.
You can clearly see the same pattern between the bands.

So I was a bit sceptical for this release at first, but it actually turned out to be a fucking awesome live album/DVD!
Oh yeah I forgot to mention, it’s combined with a DVD as well and I was very pleased with how the sound and picture came out even though I know some people complain there were no Blu Ray released.
This show was recorded in Norrköping last year and that really makes me mad because this was a show I was suppose to go to, but my at-the-time girlfriend lived there so for difficulties and private reasons I couldn’t go. And now, the best band in the world, decideds to finally after more than 10 years record a live CD/DVD of that show..
Fuck you Mayhem, and thank you Mayhem.

Let’s talk sound and the performance shall we?
The sound is very good both on the DVD and the CD, allthough they cut out all the neat little intros on the CD that were featured on the DVD.
Come on, Babymetal screwed us over with the setlist, and now Mayhem with this shit too?
Anyway.. the performance is just simply awesome, an almost flawless effort from the whole band to pay a nice tribute to De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
Hellhammer kicks ass, Charles Hedger didn’t fuck up (as much) and Attila sounds as inhuman as only he can!
I in particular love how strong songs like Funeral Fog, Pagan Fears, From The Dark Past and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas turned out from this line up.

I think many people would complain that most of the DVD is too dark, just because the show itself is very dark and you can’t see much. But that’s how a Mayhem show is, and it’s about atmosphere so I think this DVD really captures how Mayhem is as a live act today, and actually brings up memories from when I saw them in 2008. And not many live albums and DVDs nowdays atually captures the live experience, but here it is almost like being there on spot so that’s a huge plus for this release!

There’s nothing more to say, it’s a must have for all Mayhem fans and I don’t think anyone can have anything bad to say about it.
It’s a fantastic live show that pays homage to one of the most important albums in Black Metal history, I’m just pissed I couldn’t attend the show myself..
It’s an independant release and is only available via Mayhem’s site, so make sure to get your copy and support this!


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