Healed By Metal – Grave Digger

Posted on January 8, 2017


696_gravedigger_cmykGrave Digger is one of my absolute favorite Metal bands out there and has been for many years, and why shouldn’t they?
They’ve basically been something every Power Metal fans at least should know about and tried out sometime in their lifes, and to sum it up – Grave Digger has an incredible discography that can’t be missed.

So naturally it’s always an event whenever they release new material, that is till now when they are putting out an album every other year and it starts sounding the same and more uninspiring.
Their last effort Return of the Reaper was amazing at first listen, a little worse on the second turn and now just stands there on the CD shelf as an album one might go back to when it’s nostalgic enough.
It didn’t sound very much different than Clash of the Gods that also was an amazing album when it came, so I didn’t have much hope when I heard about Healed By Metal.
And yeah, I fucking hate when Metal bands sings about their genre and shit like that. It’s SO fucking boring and uninspiring, I’m so sick of it and it’s just a stupid thing to write about. Yeah I get it, we all love Metal. That’s why we listen to this band, can’t we just leave it at that?

The title track isn’t that awful to be honest but it still bugs me, the second “single” Call For War is a much better song that I’d rather be listening to.
So when hearing Call For War I was thinking this album could pick up, and it did in some ways with amazing anthems like Free Forever but other than that.. there’s not much more to cheer for on this disc.promofoto-girl-cross-klein-2

And this is what feels strange because the band doesn’t necessarily do anything wrong, but it’s just that most of the tracks are just bland or just plain boring to listen to.
The production sounds exactly the same as the previous two albums, the songwriting is the same, the guitar and drum sound are the same.. everything is just the same, but lacks that something special that made Clash of the Gods and Return of the Reaper a bit better.
This isn’t a bad or poor album, it’s just pretty bland despite having a few great songs that I actually enjoy very much.
Grave Digger is just putting out the same album over and over again now with maybe a year or two in between and it’s starting to get a bit boring, at least I’m loosing more interest in them. Even the song titles are getting similar and just stupid, I mean.. Laughing With The Dead?
Anyone thinking Death Smiles At All of Us from the previous album?
And speaking of that, Kill Ritual’s main riff also sounds pretty similar to that song..

If you are a Grave Digger fan you should check it out because here are good songs, and if you like Metal in general you will find something to enjoy here too.
It’s just not much for me to bathe my ears in since it feels so bland and uninspired, I don’t think Grave Digger got healed by Metal here..
Oh yeah, despite it’s title.. the album cover is actually pretty damn awesome.


Photos: Used with permission from Napalm Records


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