Nippon Month 2017!

Posted on March 1, 2017


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As it is March 1 today my longest lasting (and only) theme-month returns for yet another year, spreading and talking about some fantastic Japanese music :)

Every year when I close out Nippon Month I feel like it’s going to take forever until the next time, and I remember being disappointed last year for not getting to some stuff that I wanted to.
But now it’s finally back and I’m hoping to catch on to some stuff that I couldn’t do last year, but hopfully also some nostalgic and some new stuff.

My first year I reviewd one of Kitaro’s newer albums and I kinda liked it, but some stuff bothered me.
But now when I recently during 2016 got a new passion for playing the synth and Electronic music, I think it would be perfect to revisit some good ol’ Kitaro.
There’s also a certain duo that I wanted to cover last year, so I’ll make it happen this year :)

Unexpected things can happen of course and I’ve had some rough time sitting in front of my computer lately, it’s tearing on my eyes.. so I’m gonna try do my best, because this part of the year usually feels the best :)
I mean, full of awesome and happy Japanese music, what more could you ask for? :)

Let’s get this cherry blossom month started :)

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