Linkage Ring – Garnidelia – Nippon Month

Posted on March 8, 2017


Before Babymetal there was Garnidelia.
Nah okay that isn’t a completely fair comparison, but I’m surprised at how many seems to not know about Garnidelia, and only seem to think that Babymetal is the only female-fronted act from Japan that’s into the Metal genre.
Granted, Garnidelia isn’t a pure Metal act but it takes a very interesting mix of Metal, Synth/Electronic/Electronica, and standard J-Pop and blends it all together into one.

Apparently they are known for creating theme songs for various Anime shows, but since I’m not a huge Anime fan I can’t put any relation into that.
I’m just there for the music, and the music is awesome :P
While regular J-Pop such as AKB can feel very teen-ish and immature at points, Garnidelia feels like such a more mature and serious act that aims to just create good music.
It consist of the duo Maria (also known as Mai Mizuhashi), who is the singer and writes the lyrics, and toku (Abe Yoshinori) as the synth guy and I also believe he writes a lot of the music as well?
Which is also something that makes Garnidelia stand out from the competition, as many other groups and J-Pop acts have other people writing the music for them, while G usually does everything themselfs.
Very nice in my opinion, and it reflects in the quality of their songs.

Now, I was a little unsure on what album to review since basically all you can find out there with their name on is gold, but I still think that their first none-independant album Linkage Ring is the one to check out if you are interested.
It was first later on that I got to know that their second album Birthia, actually was a compilition album with re-recordings of their older indie recordings, and even though it’s very good I would still say that Linkage Ring is a bit more versatile.
All three of their albums are very good but not perfect by any means, but Linkage Ring does have those over the top awesome songs that Birthia and Violet Cry doesn’t have.
That is not to say that those two albums doesn’t have those fantastic songs that sticks in your head, because they do. It’s Garnidelia you know, so you can’t go wrong.. :P
But I think Linkage Ring has more of those kind of songs than the other two discs.

But songs like ambiguous, grilletto and BLAZING are amazing tracks that will be on your mind for a long time, and are great introductions to this duo.
Those were the songs that made me buy this album (Mirai too but that one would eventually land on Violet Cry), and when I recieved the album I found more treasures like Moon Landing, steps and one of my personal favorites, march.
These mentioned songs are so well done and Maria’s beautiful voice just pushes them over the edge and makes you want to come back to them everytime you feel the need for some Garnidelia.
I mean.. I often praise some of these Japanese female singers, but not only do I think Maria has the most beautiful voice of them all, but I also think she is the most skilled out of the bunch as well. Give it a shot and I think you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about ;)

This is a very enjoyable album that’s very easy to wrap your head around as well, and I started listen to this when I wasn’t really into this Electronica-style, but it still found it’s way into my collection and it’s one of my true favorites when it comes to Japanese music.

Linkage Ring, Birthia or their latest album Violet Cry.. you can’t get wrong :)