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Posted on March 18, 2017


So when Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku released their latest album Anarchy last year, Nippon Month had just passed so I wanted to save it for the future, and it wasn’t really scheduled to be featured this year but I recently discovered that member Rina Matsuno sadly recently passed away very sudden at the young age of 18.
What happened is not really clear as far as I know, but it’s very sad to hear so I felt I had to do something Ebichu related.
My condolence goes out to Rina’s family, and all the members in Ebichu!

So this review, I dedicate to Rina Matsuno.

I remember when this album was about to come out and there were a lot of talk and anticipations on the Momoiro Clover Z forum, people were posting messages that their copy of the CD was about to arrive and people posting comments on their thoughts about it before the rest of us had a chance to listen to it.
It was a great time being able to share once opinions about the album and this group, you rarely get to do that when it comes to Japanese music.

So when my copy finally arrived, I was surprised that the cover for the actual booklet was a drawing of a turd :O
Oh.. it’s suppose to be that binoculars-looking-thingie they all have on the slip-case cover?
Why couldn’t they stick with the slip-case cover and just ditch the slip-case in general?

The album starts with the typical track where the girls just talk or make some random crap noise, and since I don’t understand anything Japanese it is surely a waste of money and time for me.
They are found here and there on the album but for the actual songs that are present here, are often very entertaining.
The first song “Zettē Anarchy” has sort of like a Punk-ish sound to it that’s quit nice, and the following tracks “Haru Yasumi Moratorium Chūgakusei” and “Popcorn Tune” are of those kinds that instantly feels like future classics.

Nikibi however was the first song I heard of this album, but I didn’t like it at all first.
It felt too childish, innocent and just.. bad haha :P
But it eventually grew on me and now I just find it to be a fun, cute song :)
But there are some questionable songs like “Ebichū Shusseki Bangō no Uta Sono 2” which has some strange random idiot speaking lines in between, just interrupting the song in my opinion, and it overall just feels very juvenile which of course is something you can come to expect from this group from time to time, but in context with all the other more mature sounding songs it just feels strange.

But then there are songs that are just amazing like “Super Hero”, “Mission Survivor”, “Natsudaze Johnny” and “Zenryoku Runne” that has a way different atmosphere to them and feels more entertaining and fun, the kind of things you could usually expect from Ebichu but maybe a bit more mature sounding than previous albums?
Definetely the highlights on this disc, and I especially love “Super Hero” for it’s very strong sing along nature.
It could be a great epic closer for this album, but instead they went with a very strange one that just annoyed me in the beginning, as I didn’t feel it had the quality of a track that should close out a great album.
But it too also grew on me and now days I don’t see anything wrong with it, it’s a little more Electronic than the other songs and not really the one that get stuck in your head, but it’s a good song so I wouldn’t pass on it :)

In conclusion, it’s a very well made album that I would recommend to either Ebichu fans and people who are interested in giving them a chance.
It’s kinda like the Garnidelia albums, it’s Ebichu so you can’t go wrong but I would rather prefer Kinpachi as it is a bit stronger than Anarchy. The entertainment value is very high, so go check it out if you haven’t already!
I don’t know if it’s still available, but the version I got comes with a bonus CD with live tracks, which is very nice but they have crammed multiple songs into a couple of tracks.
Couldn’t they just divide them so that we get every song as individual tracks instead?

The fact that this is the last recording with Rina Matsuno, gives me a different perspective when listening to it now and will probably do every time from now on, and I think the same thing will happen to other fans of this group.

Rina, you are and will be missed!

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