Oasis – Kitaro – Nippon Month

Posted on March 26, 2017


The first time I heard about Kitaro was when I asked a friend of mine, who actually grew up partially in Japan, if he could provide me with some folk music from the Land of the Rising Sun.
And among the links on Youtube he send me was a track by Kitaro and I was instantly hooked and needed to learn more about this person and his music.

Turned out that he wasn’t really a folk musician. Yeah he plays traditinal instruments and I’ve later come to realize that his newer music contains more folkish elements, but his main area and what he was known for was the Electronic stuff.
Also known as the Synth Wizard (a very fitting name I should say), this wasn’t really what I was looking for and kinda fell out of his music for a while.
But in the summer of 2015 I went through some life changeling diseases and suddenly I couldn’t play the guitar anymore, so I turned my head in other directions and started thinking more of my Ambient/Drone music projects that I’ve had in mind for many years.. and developed a huge love for the Electronic music and Synthesis in general.
I picked up music such as Kraftwerk and Vangelis, got myself a couple of synths to start my own musical projects and thought I’d go back and check on Kitaro, and that’s something I haven’t regretted.

I picked up a bunch of his older albums, Silk Road, Silver Cloud, Tenku and Oasis among others.
Oasis was one of the first ones I got in the mail and as soon as I put it in my CD player I was enchanted.
That may sound very cheesy but this album really felt special and just about as good as something could get in my shoes.
Kitaro has a great sense of atmosphere and attention to small details here and there that makes this and some of his other music stand out like nothing else.
I really mean it. This is an Electronic album with A LOT of synths, I would almost say a 99 % synth album, but there’s where Kitaro is the master because it doesn’t really sound like the typical Electronic album

When I first heard his music, I knew shit about synths and Electronic music but there was something weird about his albums.. Now I know, it’s the synths, and how amazingly he masters them!
There are points on his albums where I would guess he used a real flute or something like that, but getting more familiar with my own synths and such I could quickly realize that this was not real flutes.
It’s almost as if Kitaro tries to replicate real folk instruments and create an Electronic version of Japanese folk music, an idea that almost begs for failure, but this guy pulled it off and did so very well.

I can really see that for an outsider who doesn’t play or know anything about synths, this could be hard to understand or even enjoy, and it’s nothing wrong with that of course.
But for me, this was an instant inspiration for my own musical projects, and also for my love for music in general.
This was almost uncharted waters for me at the time I got Oasis, but it opened up a whole new dimension of love for music and just blew my mind.
Even though this isn’t really the kind of music I want to create, it’s still very inspirational and awesome to see how Kitaro works with his music and how easy he makes it out to look like when playing live –
a true synth Wizard indeed!

So who is this album for?
I’d say it’s for everyone who enjoys instrumental and smooth music, music that’s made to create an atmosphere and paint a picture within your mind.
It could be seen as very relaxing music for some, that’s perfectly fine with me even though I don’t use it for that.
I enjoy it for all those reasons but for me as a synth player, the Electronic masterpice that it is just adds to all the other great things this album has to offer, and has taught me a lot about synthesis too.

It’s dark at points, it’s beautiful, it’s full of atmosphere.. It’s just an awesome album.
One of Kitaro’s absolute best!


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