And Speaking of Kitaro… – Nippon Month

Posted on March 30, 2017


I got an email the other day from Domo Records telling me that there’s a new Kitaro album coming out!

I do remember hearing something about it before, but I shook it off since there weren’t much info about it, but now it’s done and it’s here on the 21st of April :)

I highly recommend you checking this out or go and pre-order it, especially if you like Kitaro’s newer sound and that more Japanese folk-sound found on later albums such as The Final Call for example.
It’s a continuation of his concept albums “Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai” and if you are not familiar with them, go check them out as well!

Pre-order and sample here:
[NEW RELEASE] Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Vol. 5 by Kitaro

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