End of Nippon Month 2017

Posted on March 31, 2017


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Wow, time just flies by.. Is March already over?

Man, it feels like it just started?
Well I had a blast at least, even though it felt like it could have lasted way longer.

Why is it that when the end of March is coming, I come up with all sorts of things I could do on this blog regarding Japanese music?

I have talked to a couple of people who reads and I hope you enjoyed this years edition of Nippon Month :)
I have been thinking about maybe extending it for the future because the month of March passes by so fast, but I’m not going to lock myself from talking or reviewing Japanese music for the rest of the year either :)
Remember last year when Babymetal released their new album on April 2 or something?
I just had to review that one and I’m still going to do things like that, but I will try to save up the best stuff for the month of March, every year :)

So all of you, have a good one and I will be back in a week or two maybe.. let’s see how I feel :)
Thank you for this years edition, I hope you’ve enjoyed :)

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