Shout Out: Iiris Viljanen

Posted on April 19, 2017


Hey, I’m back after the exhausting month of march and I thought I’d share with you a shout out for the Swedo-Finnish, or finlandssvenska, musician Iiris Viljanen.

I first saw her on a television show on SVT were she was singing in finnish, which I thought sound very beautiful and interesting so I just had to check her out.
Found out later that the song (Farväl Utan Läppar) on that programe was sung with Swedish lyrics on her latest album Mercedes..
Not a huge problem though, it’s still a good song but you know.. feel kinda fooled ;)
One should also take note, that this whole album is sung in Swedish and not Finnish.
Oh, and in one of the songs she’s singing about a dude with a light saber. That is fucking awesome.

Anyway, she was kind enough to sign the CD for me and it is an overall very good album that I think you should check out.
It’s available on Spotify and you can also get it on Vinyl and CD on her website which I will post a link to here:

So go check her out!
And thank you Iiris, for signing my CD :)
Keep up the good work!

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