Reaching Into Infinity – Dragonforce

Posted on May 19, 2017


3 years after the release of Maximum Overload it’s time for a new Dragonforce album, and it is also the first ever to actually feature a dragon on the album cover.
A damn great album cover I should say, I love the design and the Cyberpunk theme that’s going on both on the front and the back.
It took 14 years but they finally made it ;)

As it being Dragonforce there is always high expectations, and ever since vocalist Marc Hudson joined the band seems to try something new on each release and evolve their sound.
Not a bad idea considering their older material mostly consisted of some catchy vocal melodies, and of course Herman Li and Sam Totman’s dick solos that were really trying to reach into infinity…
Not to say that their older stuff is bad because it aint, but their sound has just grown and become more mature and.. dare I say mainstream?

But with so many Power Metal giants turning out shit with their latest releases, would Dragonforce stay strong with Reaching Into Infinity?
Well, no not really..

This might be my first reaction talking, but I’m surprised at how dull this album feels.
It didn’t feel as if it picked up until Curse of Darkness, which reminds me very much of Castlevania btw, but that’s the fifth song!
Agreed, Maximum Overload was a very hard album to top, but so was The Power Within so why couldn’t Dragonforce do it again?

The music here isn’t bad or so, it just feels dull in comparison so maybe it just needs time to grow on me?
I have a friend who wrote me this morning tellnig me how awesome this album was, so naturally I got hyped but now I’m actually a bit disappointed.
The 11 minute long The Edge of the World has its moments, but it also has those awful vocal style from bassist Frederic Leclerq.
He also sprayed his jizz all over the song “War!”, which just feels laughable and the style is ripped straight from the song No More from Maximum Overload. But when No More is a great song, War is just awful.

Okay, War is not that awful cause it has some good parts, but I won’t be listening much to it in the future.
The same stupid shit is also present on the bonus track Evil Dead, which is a cover of a Death song, but with this style it sounds more like their singing “Evil Dick”.
But there are some good stuff here as well, like Midnight Madness, Land of Shattered Dreams, the bonus track Hatred and Revenge and the great closer Our Final Stand. All these are great songs that you can expect from Dragonforce, but they do lack some of that magic found on Maximum Overload and The Power Within.

The bonus material is a fucking joke as well, a “bonus DVD with 50 minutes of live performance”, what a fucking lie.
It only contains 3 songs, and then.. all those 3 songs yet again, but you get to pick a special angle.
Come on Dragonforce, I don’t think anyone gives a flying fuck about those multi-angles, give us a full live concert instead of this joke of bonus material.

I’m sorry to say but it is almost as if the album cover is the best thing on this entire album.
It is that album you find in a record store, not knowing what it is but it looks so damn cool that you have to take your chance.
You bring it home, and it later turns out it wasn’t as good as you’d hope for. Even though you are trying hard to like it.

I’m not saying this album is bad, but it lacks way too much of that magic that is so often present on a Dragonforce album, that is their sound!
Maximum Overload is a brilliant example of how Dragonforce sounds like.
But unfortunately, this one won’t reach into infinity.

I do however think it will grow on me in time, so if you don’t go in with too much expectations, are a fan or just curious you should give it a listen for sure.


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