Guitar Knobs Won’t Fit? This Is How You Do It!

Posted on May 23, 2017


So this is not what I usually talk about.. or have ever talked about for that matter on this blog.
But I’ve been bumping into this problem with my own guitar that I’m building at the moment, and I’ve done some internet searches with a lot of different answers – none of which seem to work or be any good.
So I thought I’d share it with you here.

Ever since I first picked up a guitar have I always wanted to own and play a red Stratocaster, so a couple of years back my brother got me a red body and a bridge to start build my dream guitar.
For personal reasons it never happened much after that, but now I’ve decided to put it all together and finally have my dream come true.

So I was a bit careful to select a pickguard and knobs, I bought them from a seller on Ebay (from China) for a great price, who claimed it would fit an American or Mexico made Fender.
However, when it arrived that turned out to be total bullshit, as it did not fit my Mexico strat at all.

I decided to check the internet to see if there was anything one could do, and after a lot of pretty stupid and complicated advices from people I decided to just try a regular drill head and compared with the knobs on my Mexican one (same as the American build Fenders in my case).

So this is how you do:

If you didn’t feel the need to read my bullshit above, then you should start read here.
If you happen to buy guitar knobs for a strat that doesn’t fit, then simply use a regular drill head in a size you think may not do too much damage. Always the best to try the smaller sizes at first and be more careful than to accidentally destroy the whole thing before you even get a chance to try it on.

If you have the luxury of having another strat that is made in America or Mexico, then it can be very helpful or even necessary to use its knobs to compare with during this whole process.
Take a good look at both the original knob and the one you are modifying, and drill with your hands (NOT with a machine) carefully and always do comparing and see if it fits.
If it doesn’t fit, then try carefully to drill some more.

It can be tedious to drill and try, drill and try over and over but it’s well worth it if you want it to fit.
If you are not careful and gentle, it may break and make your knob/knobs useless.

I think it’s much better if you can save the knobs and don’t have to throw them away just for something like this.
I’ve used the word a lot but I’m gonna use it again: It’s fucking bullshit that they have different sizes on these things, there are so many people that just bought a set thinking it would work out, only to get disappointed.

Buying repair/spare parts should be easy and not a fucking project one has to read into everytime one need to change or repair something.
It’s also good for a sustainable development and for our enviroment if one can fix knobs like this, instead of just having to throw them away.

So I hope this small guide could be of any help, and if you have any questions just post them below and I’ll try to help out as much as I can.

Good luck!

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