Follow Up On Relicing + Update

Posted on June 12, 2017


Hey there!

I promised to give you a follow up on my little experiment on trying to relic a white knob on a strat tremolo arm.
Sadly, a close member of my family passed away recently so there has been a lot of stuff and emotions to deal with, and therefore this delay as well.

The short answer is: No, it did not work.
The knob maybe, and just MAYBE, looked a little bit more yellow, but I tried this two times with the second time having some stronger coffee.. and it simply did nothing.
It is actually still whiter than the original tremolo arm for my strat that I’ve had for 9 years now, and I haven’t used that arm much at all so it’s been sitting in the dark most of the time.

So I guess one would have to grind off the thin clear coat layer before sticking the arm in the coffee, but I could just as easily buy one that is aged or wait for it to age in time.

There’s hopfully gonna be a guitar review up in a while, as I recently ordered my first guitar for over 10 years so that’s gonna be exciting :)
I’ve got tons of ideas for other music related things to talk about here, so hopfully there are a lot more stuff to come in the future.

Until then.. :)

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