Upcoming Cradle of Filth album “Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay”

Posted on June 18, 2017


So I’ve heard for some time that there are to be a new Cradle of Filth album soon, and I just saw that the band went public with the artcover and the title just a couple of days ago.
Before I would just shrugg it off since well.. Cradle of Filth really lost their spirit a while ago.
But with their new line up, Hammer of the Witches were and still are a pretty strong album that sees the Filth coming back to form, so this is for the first time in many years I’m actually feeling excited about this new release!

I mean, I’m still cautious and will not have my hopes up too much, because even if Hammer of the Witches are a good album it still has some flaws that I really don’t like.
The album cover is… not really “meh”, but not too exciting either.
It looks kinda weird and a bit copy pasted, but it looks a whole lot better than that shitty Dusk and Her Embrace thingie we got a year back or so.

Well since there is nothing more about this album that is out there, there’s really no more to say other than that I look forward to it :)

Posted in: Övrigt, Metal