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Posted on July 1, 2017


People who enjoy Pirate Metal and Alestorm.. put that shit down, and start listen to Running Wild instead!
And when you have finished going through the entire RW discography, then take a look at the Italian band Silverbones, and their 1 year old debut album Wild Waves!

You will quickly find that this band and Wild Waves are extremely similar to Running Wild and they are not trying to hold back their biggest influence at all, but what makes this album fall out of the laughing rip off bin is that it simply is too good and enjoyable!

The groups bass player and founder, Andrea Franceschi, has done an amazing job to create their own tribute to this classic Power Metal band, and I remember thinking that if the then upcoming Running Wild album Rapid Foray would suck.. well you could turn your heads to this one instead.
Later turned out that Rapid Foray kicked some serious ass and probably is the best RW album since The Rivalry, so maybe Wild Waves got a bit overshadowed, but if you like Rock ‘n’ Rolf’s old classics then you should definetely check Silverbones out!

Wild Waves however is not a perfect album, it has some flaws that could use some more power to them but you actually can’t go wrong with awesome songs such as Royal Tyrants, Raiders of the New World, Wicked Kings or the opening instrumental song Cry of Freedom that is very reminicent of the opener to the Black Hand Inn album.

I got the chance to talk a little with Andrea and get a short interview, so if you haven’t checked out Wild Waves yet I highly recommend you to do so!
And I want to give out a thank you to Andrea for the interview and all the nice conversations we’ve had :)

Silverbones Interview


*Hi Andrea/Silverbones, thanks for taking your time for this interview, I’m honored and I really appreciate it :)
So this has been asked before but who are Silverbones? Can you describe your sound to someone who doesn’t know a fuck about you?

Andrea: Hi Robin, it will be my pleasure to answer your questions ;) Silverbones are 4 young metalheads from north Italy, bound by the common passion towards our beloved Heavy Metal music.
I created this project back in 2013 and started to write our first songs, which eventually 
appeared on our debut album titled “Wild Waves”.
Our music is devoted to the 80/90’s Heavy Metal sound and it talks mostly about piracy of the 17th century, battles on the high raging sea, 
historic characters and facts.
We love to play our songs live and we always aim to give a memorable show every time we hit the stage.

That’s all I can tell about Silverbones with words, for the rest just let the music do the talking.

* One has to be stupid to miss it, but Running Wild clearly are your biggest influences.
Are there any other music or genres that influenced you to form this band?

Andrea: Sacred words! Running Wild was, and still are, the main reference to the kind of music and sound that we aim to produce.
The band was intentionally formed to contribute to the legacy of Running Wild’s golden years of music. They’ve done majestic albums during the 90’s which are a neverending source of joy and ispiration to me.
We also get inspired by giants of Metal such as Grave Digger, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.
One can say that there’s nothing we could call “new” on the plate (I’m a nostalgic guy, you know) but we try, none the less, to put our personal poit of view into it.
As everyhing evolves, we may build a more definite style in the releases to come but, with our first album, we only wanted to make clear that this is the music we love to play.
Therefore, I think that there could be no other genre besides this classic Heavy Metal fit to Silverbones.

* Stating in an earlier interview done with “Via Nocturna” that you did not have much experience with studio recordings while making Wild Waves, was it a hard album to complete and are you 100 % satisfied with the result?

Andrea: Yeah, it wasn’t an easy task for us. It was hard mostly because it took a long time, from when we started, to have the album finished and ready to be sent to Stormspell Records.
Since we’ve recorded only the previous demo at our little home studio, the experience about this job wasn’t high.
I won’t hide that we got a little bit stressed at the end of the works but the result was something that made us very happy.

And that was due to some fortunate things which happened in the middle of the recording session: having a deal with Stormspell Records and, consequently, the opportunity to send our recordings to Cederick Forsberg (mastermind of the ex Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone, Breitenhold and more other interesting projects) to be mixed and mastered out.
We thought “Who better than him should know how to deal with these songs?”.
And he really did an amazing job compared to our attempts, 
so in the end we consider ourselves more than satisfied by this first release. He also recorded the drums of the entire album, this is something the press often forget to mention.

In my opinion “Wild Waves” is a good start for the band but there are, of course, few things that we’d like to “fix” on a potential new album. We can definetly get better.

* Wild Waves has almost been out for a year now, how has the response been since it’s release?

Andrea: Wild Waves is about to have a birthday soon, time really flies.
In one year we got a lot of divergent opinions about it, most of which are very positive anyway.
Both italian and foreign reviews seem to appreciate the fact that Silverbones has nailed an album with the right sound for the content of it’s music.

They also said that, while the influences are obviously clear, Wild Waves isn’t just a mere copy and it is in some way original. This is something that makes me quite proud of this debut.

* What are your best/craziest experience with Silverbones?

Andrea: We have collected lot of good memories over the years but I think our best experience are, without a doubt, those of the gigs outside our country.

In 2015 and 2016 we had the chance to enjoy festivals in east Europe and Cyprus, in which we also played.
And of course, after the job we had fun with the most friendly people we ever met.
We shared some crazy moments of drunkeness around a blazing fire or in a pool.
A funny episode that come to my mind was when Ricardo was knocked out by a bottle of Ballantine’s whisky 
(it didn’t hit him in the head, another band of Power of the Night Festival was sharing it with him) and he could barely stand on his own feet on the way back to the hotel.

I’m quite sure he still remembers very well both the whisky and the band.

* Let’s talk about the future. What do you guys have in store for Silverbones?
Wild Waves is a nice original tribute to Running Wild’s sound, are you going to follow in that path or do you have plans to change up the sound or anything for a potential future album?

Andrea: I dare to say that the whole project is a kind of tribute to Running Wild, therefore our debut album couldn’t have sounded differently. Yes, Silverbones vol.II is under development and I think it will definetly follow this same guideline but, at the same time, we may need to add a more personal taste to our music.
I don’t want to make too much predictions for now.
Sad news is that we are forced to take a break from the live shows for a while, I’ll soon explain the reasons behind this decision on our web channels.

Do not worry, cause pirates will be back for more gold ;)

* Thank you very much for this Andrea and the best of luck in the future!
Do you have anything you would like to say to all the fans and people out there who might read this?

Andrea: Thanks Robin, we sure need a bit of luck in the near future. Since we talked a lot about our album Wild Waves, I’ll be glad to make the readers hear it:

And here’s a videoclip:


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