Shout Out: Claudia Cutino

Posted on July 13, 2017


While searching for some Dinosaur Jr reviews I happened to stumble upon Claudia Cutino  on Youtube who did a very good video on their latest album “Give A Glimpse of what Yer Not”.
So I had to check out some of her other videos and I decided I had to give her a shout out here, because not only is she a very friendly person and nice to have musical conversations with.. but she’s also a very good reviewer as well!

She does both film and music and seems to be very open to discuss and even take some request for certain reviews, which is really cool :)
It’s rare to find girls who are reviewing music and stuff like this, and we both want to encourage others (not only girls of course) to start making reviews if that is something that you feel that you really want to do.

Do not let whatever gender you are stand in your way of doing something creative, whether it be music or film reviews, creating music or write stories.. Just do it!
We are both creative persons who wants to support others who are just as passionate about music and art, both the artists and the reviewers who deserve some recognition!

So go and check out Claudia Cutino’s Youtube for some interesting reviews, but you can also give her a follow on Instagram or Twitter!


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