Shin Godzilla – Get The Madman version!

Posted on July 23, 2017


Okay, so this has nothing to do with music but this is something I need to get out.
Plus I reviewed this movie’s soundtrack so it kinda gets a pass.

But I just received my copy of Shin Godzilla on DVD after waiting a whole fucking year of not being able to see it.
After people started spoiling it all over the net I finally said fuck it, and downloaded this fucker with 20 minutes missing.
Yeah, I was that desperate to see it before EVERYONE spoiled it completely for me.

I knew that Funimation was going to release it and when they finally gave some details about the release date, they wouldn’t allow anyone outside of North America to even enter their website.
Good job assholes.

So someone tipped me off to get the Australian version that was going to be released from Madman, and they shipped it out almost 2 weeks before its release date just to make sure I got it on time.
Well done Madman, really awesome :)

But the fun stuff doesn’t stop there. Madman’s version of Shin Godzilla was cheaper and with shipping included cost almost the same as the asking price for the Funimation version.
The Madman version was released on July 19th, which is more than two weeks before Funimation’s and maybe the biggest different… Madman’s version has a second disc containing bonus material.
What does the Funimation have?
One single disc and a dubbed version of the movie.

Yeah, $30 or $35 for the Blu-ray version and the only thing you get is a dubbed version.
(Note, I only get the DVD so I don’t know what’s on the Blu-ray, but I’ve heard that it is the same)

The Madman version cost me $35 Australian dollar (which is less than the US dollar) including shipping and I got a bonus disc containing trailers, “Making VFX – Visual Effects Breakdown”, “Pre-Visuals and Outtakes” and “Pre-Visual Reel”.
No dubbing though but.. who gives a crap about that?
The dubbing often changes the story around completely so I don’t give a rats ass about that.

If the dubbing however is important to you, then you should get the Funimation one.
But if not, I would strongly advice you to get the Madman as it is better in EVERY way, plus they don’t shit on you just because you aren’t from the US or Canada.
I’m not gonna be too hard on Funimation as they’ve actually released some pretty cool stuff over the years, but this is just horse shit.

What’s the film about?
Well I’m not a film critic and I got Shin Godzilla spoiled a year in advance by everyone else who got the chance to see it in theaters, so I won’t spoil it for you now. I might start doing movie reviews sometime in the future though, who knows.

All I can say is – It kicks ass, Godzilla’s design is so fucking cool and grim, and the overall movie may be the most dark, twisted and somber G’ film we’ve ever got. Or at least since the 54 and 84 versions.

Go buy the Madman version, and fuck Funimation for holding back customers.

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