CKN Slay Cancer Stream-A-Thon

Posted on September 3, 2017


Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a shout out for my good friend Coverkillernation (CKN) on Youtube, who for a while now has been doing his “Slay Cancer Stream-A-Thon” charity streams, where he’s trying to get Metal heads to bring their heart and love for each other together and collect money for the Ronnie James Dio’s “Stand Up And Shout” cancer fund.

I myself have a grandfather who passed away from cancer before I was even born but I know how much pain he had to suffer through, so I have donated some to this charity and think that all of you who can and want to should chip in too :)
But if you can’t, then come join us anyway, CKN has created a pretty nice community to just hang around if you want to discuss Metal or… yeah, anything goes really :)

That’s all for now, hope to see you there :)

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