Vi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För – Hurula

Posted on October 3, 2017


Well that title was probably a mouth full for ya, but trust me.. it’s worth it ;)

This is the solo debut album of the Swedish artist Hurula, probably best known for his previous short lived Punk effort Masshysteri, and it’s taken me some time to track this album down as it’s only been available on vinyl.
The original vinyl press did however include a bonus CD which contains the full album and.. fuck I hate it when band does this!

And what can I say, it’s just a damn good album that with it’s approximately 30 minutes never overstays its welcome.
I would however like to have the songs longer because while listening to stunning tracks such as Stockholm Brinner, 22 and Allt Ska Försvinna you just can’t help but wanting them to never end.

While Hurula has toned down the Punk style on his solo career, you can clearly hear his roots are still present and it mixes very beautiful together with the Indierock/Pop style that makes up his sound.
I’ve heard people compare his music to other more well known Swedish Pop/Rock artists such as Håkan Hellström, but I just can’t get the same feeling from anyone else.. maybe it’s the Punk influence that still lurks around and Hurula’s vocal performance that sets him apart from being just an generic Indierock band?

This is not an album that puts its heart into being trashy or have a bad attitude like Masshysteri for example, but rather melodies and telling the typical teenage stories about love and alienation and such, and a great combination of vocal performance, guitar melody and lyrics makes it all float together to create that certain magic few musicians manage to do.

And with that said, there is actually not more to say about Hurula or his music.
This is a fantastic album that you need to experience first hand, especially if you are into the Indierock/Pop/Punk style and aren’t afraid to listen to some Swedish lyrics.
His latest effort Vapen Till Dom Hopplösa is also a really great album, a touch easier to get your hands on but you really can’t go wrong with either :)

Vi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För is like my ex girlfriend: Short but sweet.


Photos: Robin Renmark

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