Cryptoriana.. – Cradle of Filth

Posted on October 12, 2017


Late 2017 and we have a new Cradle of Filth album entitled “Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay” as Dani loves those long titles..
I was somewhat interested in this album since their latest effort Hammer of the Witches actually was pretty good and definitely a comeback for the filth, but I wanted to be cautious and wait until I heard some other reviews and see if it would be worth getting.
But so far there hasn’t been much at all. No reviews on the Metal Archive and almost none on Youtube by the bigger reviewers so it all made me think.. has the world grown tired of Cradle of Filth?

Has the world finally dropped its interest in Dani Filth & Co?
Seems pretty strange to be honest, since their last record were praised by both old and new fans this one would obviously bring in more people and opinions.
Could it be that this album suck that hard that people didn’t even bother to review it?

Well it does not suck to me I can say that, but I can also be honest and say that Cryptoriana did not do much for me either and comes off as pretty bland.
I’ve heard new fans who love this album and thinks the band are on the top of their career.. that is just laughable for people to even think that, and all who does really needs to sit down and listen to their older stuff first.

This album is not bad or anything like that, it’s just bland and after finish listening to it I could only remember one stinking song that I wanted to go back to, namely Wester Vespertine, which actually had an interesting and more orchestral atmosphere to it that I liked.
The first track, “Exquisite Torments Await” could have been an awesome track if it wasn’t falling short of measly 2.15 minutes..
Some of the early stuff on the album did however remind me of older albums such as Midian which was a nice touch, but I’m having a hard time enjoying Dani’s voice on basically all albums after Nymphetamine as it just sounds weaker and lost a lot of character.
Go back and compare with albums like Damnation And A Day or Midian and you will get what I mean.

There is no doubt however that the band has energy and potential to still create some great music, they showed it very well with Hammer of the Witches and to some extent this one too but where Hammer was like a bit of fresh air, Cryptoriana feels more like an extension of the former. And that can get a bit boring and repetative, so I guess if you really loved Hammer of the Witches you are going to like this one as well.
I do however don’t like the female vocals for the last couple of albums, as they just sounds SO dull and boring, feels like the girl singing got dragged up from sleep without getting her coffee before recording.

It’s by all means not a bad album and I did not get that buyers remorse feeling after listening to it, but I don’t feel very satisfied either to be honest.
It might however requier more listenings for me but I simply think that I’m demanding something different of their sound that they simply don’t feel like creating anymore.
It feels like Dani as lost his passion for this music and are now only doing it to be able to pay the bills.

And also.. what’s up with that album cover?
If that is suppose to be the girl’s coffin, it’s way too short for her and seems more like something that could only fit for a child.
Or could it be that we are looking at a naked child? I hope not Dani..
It’s strange because the other pieces of art on the sleeves is pretty cool so I don’t get why this one got green lighted as the album cover?

It’s an okay album so If you liked Hammer of the Witches then give this one a try and see for yourself if the world has gone tired of the filth or not.


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