Don’t Fear The Squier

Posted on November 23, 2017


I’ve been playing guitar for about 16 years and I’ve always been told Squiers are nothing but shit.
7 years ago when I got my first Fender, a Deluxe Stratocaster made in Mexico for about 800 dollars, I was never even looking at the Squier models because they weren’t seen as anything more but beginners choice and from there on I’ve been a Fender snob.

But recently I found myself with less money than before, wanting a Jazzmaster model but to my surprise found out that if I want a proper Mexican made one I would have to pay well over a 1000 dollars.
That’s almost what an American made use to cost before, but this is another crazy story for some other time.

Then I started looking at Squiers and saw that a lot of people reviewed them and actually told me they where good.
Not only good, but everything from amazing to “a decal away from being a Fender” – Now that is some wild shit I couldn’t even imagine.
But it was true and when I got my first ever Squier, a Vintage Modified Jazzmaster, it blew me away.
Having played my Fender Strat for 7 years (and various other Mexico/American made ones) I instantly could tell that Squier really has pulled themselfs together these last couple of years, and no wonder when some of them are made by Cort in Indonesia.

I couldn’t believe it and I’m still shocked at how great this guitar is, which is why I decided to write this post and hopfully encourage other people to check them out.
This really confirms that you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices in order to get a good quality guitar that fits your needs.
Now I should let you know that I’m not a touring artist or anything, but I still demand high quality for my money.

My next buy stood between the Fender P90 Mustang for about 600 dollars, amd the Squier Vintage Modified Mustang for about 400, and I ended up getting the Squier.
Much like the VM Jazzmaster, they both resembles the vintage models more than the actual Fenders that are out there and this is something I really dig.
Sure they both came with their problems that you just wouldn’t find on a modern Fender, but that’s not because it says Squier on the headstock but rather the old design flaws that you still can find on 1000 dollar + Fenders.

Recently my sister got interested in playing so we went to our local music store to try some out for her, namely the Bullet Mustang (which is new for 2017) and the classic Squier Affinity Strat, both costing between 150-200 dollars.
She ended up with the Race Red Strat and once again – I’m blown away by Squier.
This is of course not the best Stratocaster I’ve played but hell, it screams build quality and the pickups sounds very much like a Strat should sound like.
The body is also made out of Alder, just like the American Standard models, and the neck is slimmed a bit so that it’s easier for beginners to play. But I have small fingers and I know many people prefer these slimmer C shapes.

The Bullet Mustang was also really interesting to play. it didn’t weight as much as the Strat but that’s typical for those models, but the neck was the same and not as chunky as my VM Mustang for example.

So let’s see.. me buying two Vintage Modified models and my sister getting an Affinity, we both spend about 1000 dollars.
We got 3 guitars that is of great quality, for less than one Fender American Standard.

I’m not trying to throw crap on the USA Strats, they are great instruments and pieces of art in themselfs, but I’m only saying that you don’t need to spend that much money and still get amazing quality.
There are of course some things that needs upgrades, the Jazzmaster bridge for example (which is a bit horrible) and the pots, the pickups are really good on all three guitars but even those can easily be changed for a cheaper price if you are not happy with them.

Darrell Braun on Youtube made an excellent video where he put all electronics and pickups from an American made Fender into a Squier Standard, and the result is really interesting.
Check out his finish project and sound competition here:

So if you didn’t want to read all my bullshit above, my point is: Don’t fear the Squier.
These guitars are much better than a lot of people might think, and since my Jazzmaster and Mustang are that great I really take pride in the Squier logo.
In the end it’s all about taste, what sound and feel YOU like and it shouldn’t matter if it says Fender or Squier on the headstock.
There are no bad sounds, only different tones ;)

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