Blade Runner 2049 Original Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer/Benjamin Wallfisch

Posted on February 24, 2018


My first review in a while so this may suck..

So we’ve been waiting since 1982 for a sequel to the classic movie Blade Runner by Ridley Scott and in late 2017 we finally got one.
Many people were worried that Blade Runner 2049 would destroy the original movie and all the unanswered questions the 82 film left us with, but when we finally saw it we could all just breathe out in satisfaction.

I love the original movie and being passionate about Ambient and Synth music in general you really can’t say much bad things about Vangelis original soundtrack. And since his score was such an important piece to that movie naturally the score for 2049 would be a very important and almost impossible task to accomplish.
When we first got words that the Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson was handling it I thought he was a good choice.
I admit that I haven’t heard much of what he has done but the things I’ve heard are impressive, and the dude has been influenced by Vangelis so what could go wrong?

Well we later got new information that he got replaced by the most repetitive composer in Hollywood, Hans Zimmer, together with Benjamin Wallfisch to take over the task of scoring for Blade Runner 2049 and people online became furious.
I wouldn’t blame them even though I like some of Hans Zimmers work, but it later hit me that I’ve seen a documentary with Zimmer explaining that he was highly influenced by Vangelis and his Blade Runner soundtrack when he started out with music so I actually felt really comfortable with this new choice of composer.

And what can I say… Hans and Benjamin fucking nailed it and proved our asses wrong.
The movie was a really cool one and they both nailed the Cyberpunk sound and feel of it all, and I do dare to say that I enjoy this score more than I do the Vangelis one.

Now before you hate me… I do love the Vangelis score. But let’s be honest, the sound we love from that score is only 2 or maybe 3 songs, the rest is so different and doesn’t really fit the dystopian world of the original movie.
It lacked a lot of the Cyberpunk element so to speak.
Blade Runner 2049 has the same vibe and feel throughout the 2 discs we got and about 75 minutes of pure dystopian synthesised ear candy!

One thing that does bring it all down is the actual songs featured in the movie from artists such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley and where they are placed in the songlist. They shouldn’t have been at all on this album but if they absolutely had to fit them in, they should have been at the very end of it all and not mixed up with the rest of the score.
Listening to some dark and grim dirty sounds to suddenly go to that calm and toned down sounds of Sinatra.. it does not work at all!

But other than that the entire score is a treat, but tracks that stands out more to me are the opening “2049”, the bombastic and dark “Flight To LAPD”, “Rain”, “Wallace” and the beautiful love theme “Joi”.
We are also served with two big epic 10 minute tracks in “Sea Wall” and “Blade Runner”, which basically is just a mash up of all the themes in the movie.

The soundtrack to Blade Runner 2049 is a masterpiece that both Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch deserves huge credit for, especially Zimmer who here clearly shows us what huge talent he’s got and that he can create some big scores without his usual trademark sound.
Since the movie recently got released on DVD, I sat down watching it and not once did it ever hit me that Hans Zimmer scored it.

The Blade Runner 2049 score is fantastic in every single way and is an incredible experience on it’s own, so if you’re getting it I highly recommend cranking up the volume and use some great speakers.
You won’t regret it ;)


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