Ebi Cracy – Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku

Posted on March 20, 2018


Everyone who listens to Ebichu, J-Pop or followed my blog last year knows about the tragic and sudden passing of Rina Matsuno on February 8th 2017, so if that wasn’t shocking enough I heard that the group would release a new album on May 31..
To be honest I don’t know for how long this album has been in the making, but either way it feels strange to see a J-Pop group release such a happy album so soon after one of their members recently passed away.
And also.. nowhere in the booklet do I see anything about her, just as if the record company just wants to brush her off so they can sell more CDs?
My Japanese isn’t the best but I sure hope there is something in the booklet or something dedicating this album to her, because she deserves that at least!

Also, on August 31 long term member Aika Hirota announced that she would withdraw from Ebichu in January of 2018.
There is no doubt that the group members has been affected by that tragic event but it also feels like the record company may have rushed stuff, and doing such things could potentially destroy any group or band.
So could Ebi Cracy be the end of Ebichu?

As for the music on this album it’s clear that they played it safe and didn’t want to be as whimsical and experimental as on the previous ones, it almost sounds like it could have been an AKB album.
That is not to say that it’s a bad album because it’s not, it’s an all throughout solid and entertaining album to listen to but it’s clear that they didn’t had many ideas and just played it safe this time.
It does contain some amazing songs like “Kanjou Densha” and “Kimi no Mama de” which I personally rank up there with some of their absolute best ever, but those are basically the only ones that stuck to me.

Like I said, this album isn’t bad but I can’t describe it better than that it feels rushed and it sort of just disappears from your mind once you’re done with it.
The bonus disc contains 7 songs from the album but this time as solo versions for each member, and I feel a bit lucky because “Kimi no..” is sung by Ayaka Yasumoto, who’s voice I absolutely love so this is actually the version of the song that I’m listening the most to.
I’m a bit disappointed for the song they chose Riko Nakayama for and “Kanjou Densha” was sung by Kaho Kobayashi (which is fine of course) so I don’t really care much more for the bonus CD.
The idea was cool and fun, just not executed the way I wanted but hey I can’t complain too much.

If Ebi Cracy is the beginning of the end for Ebichu is still to be figured out, the album doesn’t suck but I’m afraid that it will go down from here on.
Not only are we missing Rina Matsuno but now we are without Aika Hirota too, I don’t think you can ever replace those two?
And I don’t think you should ever replace them.
I’d recommend this album for what it is but it’s hard not to think about that tragic event while listening to it and unfortunately I think it will always be connected to it.


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