10 Years of CKN

Posted on May 1, 2018


Today marks the 10 year anniversary of my good friend’s Youtube channel Coverkillernation  – A huge congratulations to you bud!

CKN has spent these past 10 years reviewing all Metal related bands/albums, made multiple best/worst albums/bands-lists and hosted various charity streams were he managed to collect over 2000 dollars to the Ronnie James Dio “Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund”, so if you are not familiar with this dude then shame on you.

Tonight at 4PM EST there will be a live stream to celebrate so I suggest you either come and join the party or at least give him a follow:

And as a friend and fellow music reviewer, a massive congratz to you Mr Nation!
Hope to see your channel continune for at least 10 more years, cheers bro ;)

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