Shout Out – The Guitar Geek

Posted on May 4, 2018


My blog Jävla Musik is a place where I can share my honest views on certain artists, bands, albums and I’ve also gotten lucky enough to be able to interview some bands and artists who has really inspired me through the years.

I’ve had tons of fun doing this and it always feels great to be completely independant and just stick to my honesty when I’m reviewing a certain album or so.
Honesty is the key word.

I also play the guitar and whilst looking at certain guitars I had thoughts of buying I happened to stumble upon The Guitar Geek on Youtube, and one of the things I love about his videos are the hard work and 100 % honesty he puts down into everything he does.

Unfortunately, some things haven’t really gone his way of late and he posted a video today asking for Patreon donations.
Since I myself aren’t able to help him out, I thought I at least could give him a shoutout here since we both are striving to make honest reviews of what we either love or hate, + he really seems like a legit awesome dude :)

We are both equally independant and I think after all the hard work he’s put down on his channel he really deserves a good shout out :)
So if you haven’t checked him out, then go ahead and do so here:

If you like his content, make sure to give him a follow and show your support :)

And to you Mr Guitar Geek, I really hope things works out for the best and that you can continue with your channel and great work.
Stay strong!

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