My Star Wars Brain Fart

Posted on July 12, 2018


So for a lot of years I wanted to buy John Williams score of the original three Star Wars movies: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
Because I love Star Wars, (or at least did before Kathleen Kennedy with Rian Johnson & Co fucked it all up) and anyone who likes these films gotta love their beautiful soundtracks as well.

I remember back in the early 90’s when I use to play Dark Forces (this was before I even saw A New Hope) and then watching Episode 4 for the first time, and seeing + hearing everything I had just experienced on the PC…
Well let’s just say it was magical.
So the score for A New Hope has always been really dear to me, but so had also Return of the Jedi been and as I got older Empire as well, so I decided that I at some point needed to add these into my CD collection.

Sony I believe it was, released all three of them as double discs which seemed pretty nice and they didn’t cost too much either, but for some stupid reason I procrastinated from buying them.
Years passed on, and when I finally decided to get them… they were nowhere to be seen, unless you were willing to pay ridiculous prices for them…

As a CD collector I’ve come to learn over the years that if you see a rare CD that you’ve thought about getting, or you know for sure you want and the price is decent, then get it before anyone else can.
It may be hard to believe for some but CD’s can be a real bitch to hunt down..
But I finally after combing the internet desert found a new and sealed version of A New Hope at a reasonable price so I simply had to strike.
But there was still two more to get..

A day or so after I remembered that there use to be a huge collectors box with all the soundtracks from Episode 1 up to Episode 6, and sure enough – that one had gone out of print too and demanded crazy prices.
But one seller on Ebay still sold them for about 50 dollars so yeah.. you had to be an idiot not to strike a deal there.

But I had just ordered Sony’s version of A New Hope… *initiate brain fart*

This felt so annoying but in the end I was trying to convince myself that I had done the right thing, that I just happened to get extremely lucky to find both these and call it as a win.
And in retrospect I do believe it kinda was.
The sound overall is better on the CD box version + it features the original artworks from the old LP’s.
There’s nothing wrong with the Sony version but for the price I would definitely go with the box set, without a doubt.
The plus side of it all is that I now have a back up in case the box set breaks down or something ;)

So that was the story of my Star Wars brain fart.
And what can we learn from this?
Comb the desert better than I did and to not be too quick to think “I ain’t found shit”..

I also want to give a shout out to two good friends of mine on Youtube, Odin’s Movie Blog and Anomaly Inc.
Two great and uprising YT channels about movies, games and of course: Star Wars!
So if you’re a big SW nerd as I am, you should go and check them out!

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