CD Haul – Sabaton Frenzy!!!

Posted on July 20, 2018


All right!
So there has dropped in a few new CDs of late and I thought I’d share it with you people :)
Maybe you’ll find something new and interesting, or maybe you don’t give a fuck but I’m gonna show and tell either way :)

I’ve recently gotten into a huge Sabaton frenzy as you may have seen in the photo, and more is comming..
So I was thinking of maybe either put out a few reviews or just create my personal “Rank em’ All” Sabaton list.

Anywho… let’s dig into what we’ve got here:
*From left to right*

  1. Släkt med Lotta Svärd – Vasas flora och fauna
    Yep, they are stubborn with spelling “flora och fauna” with small letters..
    Nonetheless, I combed the internet-desert for this release (which is only 3 years old btw) but couldn’t find it anywhere.
    It was even sold out on the bands website and you could only find it on vinyl.
    Luckily I managed to find one last copy at a local record store and it was worth hunting down!
    I’ve been a fan of Iiris Viljanen for a year now and I knew about her and this project for a while, but it is a shame she left so early because this album is a really nice one and shows that Vasas flora och fauna has a lot of potential to become something much bigger.
  2. Venesziansk Afton – Vasas flora och fauna
    As a Släkt med Lotta Svärd was a true bitch to hunt down but also turned out to be a really neat little album, I thought I had to pick this one up before it becomes extinct as well.
    But here we get Tina Kärkinen as the new female vocalist and Venesziansk Afton is worth getting for her voice alone!
    Grab it if you’re into Indie Pop with Finlandssvenska ;)
  3. G.R.N.D – Garnidelia
    As many of you may know, I love J-Pop and Anime music. Who doesn’t?
    I’ve reviewd this duo’s albums before so they need no introduction, and this new album shows them not having any plans on slowing down!
    However, it took me about 6 months to get due to the Swedish postoffice fucking up so much now days… -_-
  4. Mellon Collie and the infinite Sadness – The Smashing Pumpkins
    A couple of months back I picked up their classic album Siamese Dream so I got a bit more interested in what other albums they’ve released, and Mellon Collie caught my attention.
    And I just happened to stumble upon it at my local record store for a great price so I couldn’t resist :)
  5. Battles in the North – Immortal
    Black Metal is and will always be close to my heart, but for some reason I didn’t got into Immortal at the time BM was at its peak in my life.
    But recently I’ve gotten to appreciate them more as artists and yeah.. they do kick ass, so everyone needs to have at least a couple of Immortal albums in their collection ;)
  6. Coat of Arms – Sabaton
    I was never really a fan of Sabaton, and thought they were extremely goofy when I first heard of them.
    “Cannot outrrrrrrun our PANZERRRRRR BATTALION!”
    I mean… how can you not laugh at that, and the way he’s sings it? ;)
    I did however see Sabaton open for Maiden at Ullevi in 2011 (I believe it was) and actually got blown away, so I had to go and get their then new album Coat of Arms.
    But at that time the vinyl was much cheaper (for some reason) than the CD so I made the decision to only go for the Vinyl, but now I felt that it was the right time to finally pick it up on CD.
    It is a mixed good-bad album but it has a lot of nostalgia for me, + it contains all time favorite Sabaton song White Death so you can’t go wrong ;)
  7. Heroes – Sabaton
    When Carolus Rex was released in 2012 it took over my life completely, and this was Sabaton for me for many years to come.
    We finally got some good and not THAT goofy vocals and it was also in Swedish, so when Heroes came out and the band went back to English lyrics I didn’t really care much for it.
    But I’ve recently gotten into a ridiculously huge Sabaton frenzy and I’ve heard some really good things about Heroes so I decided to pick it up and it’s actually not that shabby :)
  8. The Art of War – Sabaton
    Maybe Sabaton’s most beloved album to date? Of course I need to own this, and I’ve been wanting to get it on and off for years but never made it a priority.
    With fan favorites such as Ghost Division, The Art of War, Price of a Mile and Cliffs of Gallipoli this is simply a classic and a monster of an album.
    A must have if you’re into Sabaton or Power Metal.

I hope you enjoyed my bullshit and the CD haul, I know I haven’t written much here of late and that’s mostly due to my life being so busy recently.
But I’m hoping to get back into it and maybe do more CD hauls and just talk about music in general.
Writing the reviews takes a lot of time and energy for me so they might disappear for a while, but they are still the main focus on Jävla Musik so they will be back at some point :)

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