Cyberia – Blastromen

Posted on July 30, 2018


Since my interview with Blastromen last year I’ve eagerly waited for their new album, and now it’s finally here and it kicks ass!

Cyberia is their 3rd full length album and it follows closely in the footsteps of the previous album Reality Opens (which is a great album btw) but with a much darker atmosphere.
Now, it’s Blastromen and they’re not extremely dark but the whole Cyberpunk feeling is present and it’s done very well, with many parts reminding me of old classic stuff from Vangelis soundtrack to Blade Runner but also videogames such as Syndicate.

A perfect example of that is the opening title track Cyberia, which is beyond fucking amazing!
The atmosphere is so dark and futuristic that it gives me goosebumps and pretty much sums up why I love the Cyberpunk genre, but unfortunately it’s only about two and a half minutes long.
This piece of music is why I love synths and is just pure inspiration for my own musical projects, simply amazing!
There are also no other tracks on this album that captures that dark Cyberpunk atmosphere as good, with an exception of the closing track Eternity which is another highlight on this record.

But with that said, you still get 8 other tracks of pure synth goodies.
I’m not too much into the more bumping and beating stuff (allthough the majority of the songs are that way) but they are still very cool songs to sit down and listen to.
And the whole album itself paints up a very dark and griddy dystopian future and it’s just fun to put on this record and lose yourself within those mental images that Cyberia creates for you.

The production is top notch and I especially like the nice blend of both analog and digital synths, or at least what sounds like analog synths that could very well be digital ;)
Either way it sounds great and even though I’ve been a bit critical to the more Trance/Dance stuff that Blastromen does I still think Cyberia is a very strong and enjoyable album, and I honestly didn’t find a single weak track here.
Some spots here and there could be a bit repetative and didn’t really suit my taste, but they were by no mean awful or anything close to being crap.
It’s worth getting for the title track and Eternity alone, but if the entire album would sound like those two it would for sure give me a real eargasm. Not kidding folks ;)

Cyberia took what made Reality Opens and Human Beyond great, and expanded on it and could very well be their best record to date :)
Well done Blastromen!

Oh and thanks guys for signing the CD for me :)


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