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Posted on February 25, 2019


Okay so I’ve been away for a long time now, mostly due to me moving and starting university, so I haven’t had time for blogging which sucks..
But when one of my favorite artists released.. no wait… TWO of my favorite artists released new albums on the same day, I simply have to write about it!

Yes, Hurula and Rhapsody of Fire relased their new albums on the exact same day. Two completely different worlds, but equally as awesome music so if you’re into Indierock/Punk and über cheesy Power Metal, you’ve got some new stuff to check out ;)
But now we’re gonna talk about Hurula..

Ever since he relased his album Vapen Till Dom Hopplösa in 2016 I’ve just wanted more of this music, because that album was and still is fucking awesome and embraces everything that is Hurula: Cold, harsh Indierock with Punk influences mixed with dark lyrics about drugs, depression etc.
This is why I’m pissed at the Swedish reviewers who’ve talked about his new album Klass, because not only do every mainstream critic seem to think this is Hurula’s best effort to date and praises it to the heavens… but also tells us at the same time that this album sounds like what you would expect from him.
And if you’ve listen to this album and are a fan, you know that they either haven’t heard his older stuff, or they’re just kissing ass.

Let’s make it clear, Klass do NOT sound like Hurula. The only songs here that are typical for his music is Självmedicinering, Bara i Bandhagen Ibland and Järnvägsbron.
These are the only songs that have that small amount of Punkrock that he’s been doing on Vapen Till Dom Hopplösa and his debute Vi Är Människorna Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För.
Granted, he has done some slower songs in the past and some of them are still part of his live set, but the majority of his music does not sound like that and it’s not what people know him for.
But with that said, Klass does not suck. But due to critics giving us that false image of this album, I have to say it was a huge disappointment the first listen.

But now when I’ve let it rest for a day and given it 4 more listens, it’s grown on me and actually gotten better for each time.
While it’s not as Punky as you might want to hear from this Luleå dude, and once you’ve set aside your expectations and takes Klass for what it is you’ve got some really strong slow songs with supposedly some of his most personal lyrics ever.
And yes, the lyrics are dark and pretty deep so no argues there, and I get that they are the main focus on this album.

So should you buy it?
Yeah absolutely, if you’re into Hurula or Indiepop you will definitely find something here to enjoy. But don’t expect it to be a typical Hurula album because it’s not, no matter what mainstream critics tells you.
Give it a go and make up your own mind!


Photos: Robin Renmark

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