The Lord of Steel – Manowar

Posted on June 16, 2019


I’ve always hated Manowar because I simply never thought their music were any good, but I’ve given some of their albums such as Hail To England and Into Glory Ride a chance before and I never really fell for them.
I even remember giving away Into Glory Ride I to a friend just because I didn’t like it..
And I never give away my CD’s, it was that bad..

However I always found something interesting in Hail To England and huge respect for their singer Eric Adams, and now over time I just have to admit that they are pretty good after all.
I mean.. I love Sword & Sorcery and who on earth can’t just love lyrics such as “It feels so great wearing leather on a horse of steel”…
Now as hilarious as that is, it’s fucking awesome.
Another reason for why I never got this band was that their music is about Heavy Metal, drinking, fighting, Sword & Sorcery or riding motorcycles. Topics that I mostly hate hearing in my music and the main reason for me having such a hard time listening to Manowar.

But getting more into Sword & Socery recently I started to go through their discography and started to remember in 2012 when their latest effort The Lord of Steel released and were recieved with VERY poor reviews. And I couldn’t get through a single review without them mentioning either how this record was destroyed by the production and the bass, or that bass player Joey DeMaio is a selfish asshole so I’m gonna try to spare you from reading just another review like that. Even though I agree that Mr DeMaio is a selfish asshole.

After a couple of months of going through Manowar’s discography (except Sign of the Hammer) I can honestly say that this album is not that bad as people say. In fact, it’s actually one of my favorite albums with songs like Manowarriors and El Gringo which are just awesome typical Manowar rockers.
Manowarriors being probably my all time favorite Manowar song (I tell ya, my girlfriend is getting really sick of that song now..).
People have often complained that the songs here are overall bland or boring and even though there are not as many fast rockers that I would want, there aren’t any bad songs on The Lord of Steel.
I mean you’ve got Expendable which is a true bone crusher, the fantastic and atmospheric Born In a Grave, classic sounding Touch the Sky and the catchy-as-hell Annihilation.
Also speaking of Annihilation.. is it just me, or does the main riff sound like Rammstein’s Mann Gegen Mann?

The absolute biggest highlight on this album is Eric Adams. I use to think his voice was really boring but now I see why so many praises him because he’s damn good, and a very respectable person.
Some people say he’s not as good anymore but nah.. he still kicks ass to me.
Guitarist Karl Logan does a pretty good job too with some really cool riffs here and there, but it is really a shame that he recently got jailed on child pornography charges. Not only to the victims of course, but he has always been THEE guitarist for Manowar at least for me.
Former guitarist David Shankle said it best: “I hope for Karl’s sake and his family, that he will come out of this standing strong and If there is any truth to it, that he will get the help that he needs”

And finally  – THE BASS..
Yes, I know I said that I wasn’t gonna talk much about this but it simply NEEDS to be addressed.
DeMaio, who produced this album, has smeared his bass all over it and far beyond.. BUT it’s not that horrible in my opinion.
It is really distorted and sounds like shit, but isn’t it suppose to? The biggest complain I have about it is that it drones out the guitar which a bass should never do!
That is at least on the  “retail version” of the album… yeah that’s another bullshit thing about this album.
There’s a retail version and a Hammer Edition, both having different mixes and.. why? Just why?
It’s so fucking stupid and surves no purpose.
It’s like they knew the bass was too loud and crappy but had a bet with DeMaio to see which version would sell the best.
Just.. stupid.

Anyway.. The songwriting is typical Manowar, front cover kicks ass and is über-manly in a typical Manowar fashion, Eric Adams is awesome as always, guitarist Karl Logan does a great job and Joey DeMaio is still an asshole so with all that said and done.. isn’t this a true Manowar album then that fans should appreciate?
Well apparently not, and since I’m not a huge fan I don’t know if I’m the right person to judge?
As far as I know, none of the previous albums have ever sounded a like so why would this?

If you can find it then I would say get it, it’s worth having in your Metal collection and to put on when you wanna disturb your annoying neighbours ;)


Live Photo: Sebastian Konopka (C) 2019 Magical Circle Entertainment

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