New Mayhem Album Titled “Daemon”

Posted on August 12, 2019


So if you’re not living under a rock you’ve been aware for a while that legendary Black Metal band Mayhem will release a new album in October, the first since Esoteric Warfare in 2014 which is way overdue.

Mayhem is my absolute favorite band (maybe just slightly behind Iron Maiden) and it’s always such a great event whenever they are about to release something new, but I fucking hate that they always take so long time in between releases.
I mean, in 35 years they’ve only released 5 full length albums!

Anyway, this new album will be called Daemon which I find kinda cheesy. Having the two previous albums called Ordo Ad Chao and Esoteric Warfare I would expect something more exciting than Daemon, but if the album kicks ass then I’ll forgive the title.
And from the small segments I’ve heard on the bands Facebook during the recording session sounds really good actually, and even though Mayhem has never done an album like their previous one I’ve got some high hopes for this release.
Two things I hope for is a better production since I didn’t like it on Esoteric Warfare, and the second thing is to see more of Attila’s voice.
He’s capable of so much more than shown on Esoteric and Ordo!

The album art created by Daniele Valeriani fucking kicks ass and is probably my favorite Mayhem cover ever!
I truly love how it’s styled as an old occult oil painting which hopfully will fit the music perfectly, but if it doesn’t then the artwork will stand on it’s own. Just amazing!

I also wasn’t really fond of Esoteric Warfare as I found Teloch’s songwriting too similar sounding to his other bands and projects, and at that time I didn’t like Charles Hedger as a guitarist (since he absolutely sucked with CoF), but this line up has surprised me in recent time so I am hopful.
I should say that I have nothing against Hedger as a person or musician now, since he’s shown both during concerts and various other videos to be a decent guitarist and a pretty cool dude.
Okay enough with the bromance now…

Damon will be released on October 25 so all you Metalheads go out and buy it and keep the true Mayhem going!

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