About Jävla Musik

My name is Robin, and music is my passion in life.
And because of that I also have a really strong passion for talking about and discussing all kinds of music, and that’s why I started “Jävla Musik” so that I could be able to spread all my thoughts and feelings on both good and horrible music.

And so far so good, I’m loving it and I have had some great years running this site/blog/what-ever-you-want-to-call-it and been able to interview some of the musicians that’s inspired me for.. yeah, many many years.

So sit back and enjoy, or dislike. This is a community where I, from the eyes of a music fan,
will review and show my love and passion for music without any bullshit from people or media where certain things have to be loved and others to be hated just for the sake of it or some other ridicules reason.

I’m not afraid to say I hate or love an album or artist whether it be Metal, classical music, Russian Art Music or J-Pop.

This is 100 % authentic.
This is the soundtrack to my life.

Oh, and the name “Jävla Musik” is from when this blog was mainly in Swedish, and it’s kinda hard to explain its meaning in English so..

Legal Issues: All photos and texts on this site belongs to their respective author or owner, and is not allowed to be used or reproduced in any form without the author or owners permission.

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  1. Fin bild! :3


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