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The Running Wild 2017 Remaster Reissues – Should You Get Them?

August 16, 2017


Just a couple of weeks ago I was shocked to see that one of my absolute favorite bands, Running Wild, where about to re-release all their classic Noise-era albums from Gates To Purgatory in 1984 all the way up to Masquerade in 95. And this is something that I’ve been wanting and hoping for SO […]

Linkage Ring – Garnidelia – Nippon Month

March 8, 2017


Before Babymetal there was Garnidelia. Nah okay that isn’t a completely fair comparison, but I’m surprised at how many seems to not know about Garnidelia, and only seem to think that Babymetal is the only female-fronted act from Japan that’s into the Metal genre. Granted, Garnidelia isn’t a pure Metal act but it takes a […]

Healed By Metal – Grave Digger

January 8, 2017


Grave Digger is one of my absolute favorite Metal bands out there and has been for many years, and why shouldn’t they? They’ve basically been something every Power Metal fans at least should know about and tried out sometime in their lifes, and to sum it up – Grave Digger has an incredible discography that […]

Live At Wembley – Babymetal

December 12, 2016


So a little more than a half year has gone by since Babymetal released their latest album Metal Resistance, which seem to take the group to higher grounds than ever before. Apparently no Japanese group or band has ever played at the Wembley Arena so this just had to be recorded and remembered forever, congratz […]

Shout Out: Silverbones

September 9, 2016


So if the new Running Wild album wasn’t enough to satisfy your need for some great Pirate-Speed-Metal then I got something for you. I happened to stumble upon the Italian band Silverbones and their debut album Wild Waves, and allthough many people could argue for this band to be a total rip off I would rather […]

Rapid Foray – Running Wild

August 31, 2016


It’s always a huge event for me when Running Wild is about to release a new album, all the nostalgia and great memories instantly comes back to my mind and I can’t fucking wait for the new album! The excitement is so huge that one is ready to “forgive” small things here and there that […]

New Running Wild Album Coming In August!

June 11, 2016


Yes that’s right, we are finally after three years getting yet another album from the German pirates of Running Wild, entitled Rapid Foray! It’s been in the making for some time and almost directly after their last album “Resilient” got released, there were words of another upcoming album but was delayed due to Kasparek broke […]

Metal Resistance – Babymetal

April 8, 2016


“Babymetal? You’re shitting me. I can’t believe some people actually like them” Well without giving out names, that’s an extremely immature comment someone left me when I showed my CD haul and Babymetal’s latest album Metal Resistance happened to be among them. Why is that comment so immature then? Well simply because it often comes […]

Unboxing Into The Legend by Rhapsody Of Fire

January 19, 2016


Hi everyone! Guess what I got in the mail today! Oh yes, The Exclusive Fan Edition of Rhapsody Of Fires latest release Into The Legend, with an absolutely awesome Dragon Statue! This thing is so cool and well worth the price if you are into Rhapsody Of Fire like me, and they only made 1000 […]

Into The Legend – Rhapsody Of Fire (English Review)

December 23, 2015


Okay people, I’ve been absent for a while because of private issues and stuff like that, so I haven’t really had the passion to write about any album or artist lately. And it’s getting near Christmas now and I have made it a little tradition to review some Christmas-related music at that time of the […]