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Blade Runner 2049 Original Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer/Benjamin Wallfisch

February 24, 2018


My first review in a while so this may suck.. So we’ve been waiting since 1982 for a sequel to the classic movie Blade Runner by Ridley Scott and in late 2017 we finally got one. Many people were worried that Blade Runner 2049 would destroy the original movie and all the unanswered questions the […]

Blastromen Interview

May 10, 2017


Not long ago I stumbled across this group from Finland and I felt right away that these guys did something special, that certain stuff I’ve been looking for in a Electro band but couldn’t find somehow. Getting a underground and mysterious impression of these guys I thought I had to ask them for an interview and […]

And Speaking of Kitaro… – Nippon Month

March 30, 2017


I got an email the other day from Domo Records telling me that there’s a new Kitaro album coming out! I do remember hearing something about it before, but I shook it off since there weren’t much info about it, but now it’s done and it’s here on the 21st of April :) I highly […]

Oasis – Kitaro – Nippon Month

March 26, 2017


The first time I heard about Kitaro was when I asked a friend of mine, who actually grew up partially in Japan, if he could provide me with some folk music from the Land of the Rising Sun. And among the links on Youtube he send me was a track by Kitaro and I was […]

Trans-Europe Express – Kraftwerk

May 3, 2016


Okay, I’ve never really been into Electronic music and certainly not Kraftwerk so now we are now moving into unfamiliar territory. I had a great friend who knew that I loved another German band called Popol Vuh, and he so suggested me many times that I had to try out Kraftwerks second album entitled “Kraftwerk […]