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Ebi Cracy – Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku

March 20, 2018


Everyone who listens to Ebichu, J-Pop or followed my blog last year knows about the tragic and sudden passing of Rina Matsuno on February 8th 2017, so if that wasn’t shocking enough I heard that the group would release a new album on May 31.. To be honest I don’t know for how long this […]

End of Nippon Month 2017

March 31, 2017


Wow, time just flies by.. Is March already over? Man, it feels like it just started? Well I had a blast at least, even though it felt like it could have lasted way longer. Why is it that when the end of March is coming, I come up with all sorts of things I could […]

Oasis – Kitaro – Nippon Month

March 26, 2017


The first time I heard about Kitaro was when I asked a friend of mine, who actually grew up partially in Japan, if he could provide me with some folk music from the Land of the Rising Sun. And among the links on Youtube he send me was a track by Kitaro and I was […]

Metal Resistance – Babymetal

April 8, 2016


“Babymetal? You’re shitting me. I can’t believe some people actually like them” Well without giving out names, that’s an extremely immature comment someone left me when I showed my CD haul and Babymetal’s latest album Metal Resistance happened to be among them. Why is that comment so immature then? Well simply because it often comes […]